[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Lucky Eight Tournament (01/24)

16 cash? What kind of entry fee is that? Well, I’ll take it… just top 20k for some profit. Now that’s how you make an “at least acceptable” crappy tournament properly.


For a moment it had me curious what is associated with “lucky”, until it’s unveiled ludia’s definition by that is 8 overly boosted&leveled commons. Guess they and I still don’t share the opinion, cuz I’d call that very “unfortunate.”

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I’m confused about what “regular” means…

Just means not a hybrid in this case

Regular is unnecessary in this case. There are no common hybrids.

Imagine common hybrids.


Still stuck with a 2 people alliance. And one of us cant leave ever. Still both level 9s but play daily. Anyone looking to join a new alliance, we share everything.

I want to try even i’m a newbie here… :sweat_smile:

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@Piere87 Hello, I just want to ask you, is GamePress doing some stuff around these kind of tournaments as well? Or is it pointless to run simulator when there is no creatures level set? Thanks for ur answer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My Tarb, that has been mindlessly levelled for sanctuary farming, is delighted.

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You can both leave, and abandon the alliance.

It really isn’t worth it to run anything for these tournaments. The set levels are easier because everyone is on equal ground as long as they have the creature unlocked. But when boosts and different levels are involved it is impossible to run all the different scenarios.


yep thats the kind of “nope” tournament for me. Probably will still participate because you can still make profit with like 5 battles but thatll be it for me.

tried it out cause why not.
wasnt expecting to make it up into the top 500, but here i am.

only face 1 mildly boosted velo today so far. expecting to drop significantly over the weekend as more people play. so far it’s been fun.


That’s a pretty good looking team.
I didn’t even think about the bleeder.
I’m going to try for top 1000 and if I can pull that off, maybe top 500.
The time investment is my biggest obstacle.

Haven’t run into any boosted teams yet, but I know they are out there.

Not a bad start. Just need to find the time to keep battling.


i took a page form batman.
since there are so few immune creatures in commons, it’s not a bad idea to soak a hit and do some damage.

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You a tually cant leave. Someone has to stay. Trust me, we tried.

My very first match. :sob: