[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Lucky Eight Tournament (01/24)

I got off to a terrible start - lost most of the matches! Changed one team member around and bam - started doing so much better.

…But I’ve only received that one dino in a single match so far. So probably just dumb luck.

Also, is it just me or are people spamming the emojis in this one a lot? Haven’t had that in any other tournament so far.

Ludia should make community tier list official, and give us tournaments based on that.

only apex creatures for example. only alpha… and so.

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Hmm that be interesting

Finally gained some ground. Doing better than I thought I would. Tany has been a huge help even though its not boosted anymore.


Tempted to bring my team in to play but lazy to spend the time battling.

I hit rank 79 recently but I dropped a bit tonight. Top 250…

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You’re missing out on easy money.

More like easy anger. Or me triggering others with my above average level team.

Just beat someone with just my Miragia

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Just defeated someone’s level 18 Majungasaurus then I saw this

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Anyone else having constant time outs, or the battle closing down half way through… Or connecting then getting the pink screen?

My game had crashed frequently since launch of 1.12 for me.

haven’t been able to play that much. been doing some much needed organizing and clean up. tho i am in the top 1K currently. haven’t come across anymore boosted dinos since yesterday. How are the people higher up fairing?

The first day i didn’t find any apart from one match. Played again today and already found it in 4 matches with dinos boosted . I had one match with lvl 28-30 dinos and were also boosted. I am in top 300 now. When I lose i go to 570 something and one more loss i go to 780-820. So i think if u are at these positions just a couple of wins and u will be in top 250

These crappy tournaments end up being kinda fun for me cause there’s no pressure… If I finish at top 500 or 1k, or 5k… it’s all good… Less stressful

Surely I prefer the skill ones, but I always push myself to be top 50 or 100 on those, so the rage of losses and not getting the rank I want is frequent :sweat_smile:

I met 1 boosted dino. Many level 30s though

I spent 1mil coins leveling my whole team to lv21s, i name the team blackjack. Blackjack is shooting for top50, but that start-up money soon turned out to be for nothing after they getting run over by teams of insane 30s😂

Ow 21 is still too low for that I think… Most of mine is 20 and eventually I run into a boosted Miragaia 25+ which is enough to solo my team

I don’t find these tournaments as fun, but I think it’s largely because the commons aren’t as fun to play with as legendaries and the like. Move pools are much more limited.

I’ll admit though, I’m not doing brilliantly this time around.

Rankings are not working, right? I have over 300 trophies but the ranking still shows 0 trophies and outside the top 20000…