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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | May 2021

maybe. though that would make it so a lot of players cant participate, so maybe legendary and unique.

Something like that. But we need something different, and because that’s basically the last tournament this month, it kinda shakes things up

Well sure. According to unconfirmed by Ludia information. I have to think about this simple post, and it leads me to give a long response.
When do you think that will be implemented? Update 2.7?
That’s a dramatic reduction for two well used creatures (the other rumor is monolometrodon). That might require Ludia, in good conscience, to do a boost reset, since there are players with both of these creatures on their pvp teams. (Based on past Ludia feedback about gaming integrity, etc, this is a situation the would warrant a boost reset). Truth be told, many of us would welcome these creature reductions, if it did give a boost reset.
Than again they messed with grypolyth, and did not give a boost reset, and mine now sits rather uselessly, rather than get used.
Boost resets most likely affect Ludia income, even if it does generate lots of goodwill and joy amongst the patrons. They don’t seem to want to do them as often as they teased they might. That boost shuffle event was maybe back in October. It is already May. It seems like it has been more than 6 months. Are they targeting a once a year thing? That seems like choosing money over customer satisfaction.
They announced in 2.4 they would only be adjusting creatures every other update. (When they devastated my grypolyth, for I guess what they considered emergency reasons)
For 2.6 I believe they got around the issue of a boost reset with in their minds, by only “buffing creatures” and very minor tweaks.
So the assumption is the upcoming 2.7 update is not supposed to “modify” creatures unless something is very serious to warrant that change.
So here is the question: Does Rixis or Monolometrodon (the other rumored creature) really need “immediate” rebalancing to warrant a serious nerf this update, as opposed to doing it in 2.8?
Although, they are relatively easy creatures to initially make, they both are troublesome to get to level 30, especially rixis due to needing over 300,000 exclusive common DNA. Clearly, you don’t have to nerf them because just because they are initially easy to make. Especially, since they have been around this long and unchanged.
Are they game changing and does it require an immediate fix? Absolutely not. So they do NOT “need” immediate rebalancing to have to nerf them in 2.7.
Will they do it anyway, and say, well a certain number of people were very vocal about it, so we are nerfing them because it was what “we wanted” as a way to avoid a boost reshuffle? I really don’t know. I would see that as an act of bad faith on their part. I expect many others would as well. If they don’t give a boost reset with that update while nerfing Sarcorixis and Monolometrodon, I can imagine a lot of forum complaining. Lot’s of game down votes, and many customer complaint emails. All of them could be justified based on company communication.
Now there is the timing on this. Will they or won’t they update before the epic with boost tournament?
Updates are normally done on a Mondays with release notes given a few days before.
The first epic tournament is the 7th. That’s the non boost level 26. I am sure Rixis will be operating normal at that point.
For them to do it BEFORE the next EPIC with boost tournament on the 14th of May they would target 2.7 being released on the 10th.
They would mean giving the release notes within the next 5 days.
Sadly, I am thinking that they only want to do boost resets once a year and Rixis will be still be king in that next tournament.

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who knows when they’re getting the hammer. (a very harsh hammer by the looks of it) i just know its coming and there’s a good chance at a boost shuffle soon after according to the datamines. typically, it would be good to prepare for that such event, but without knowing if anything else is changing or not, there really isn’t any way to prepare yourself, other than to stop working on them.

Really tired of tournaments that cater to this TOXIC swap in meta.

Enough of it already. :roll_eyes:

Theres literally no tournament format that doesnt have swap in stunning strike. Its everywhere.

I know, I’m tired of it.

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It’s a 5 week. At least I’ll have tenrex in a month

You lot really are incapable of giving us a common tournament, are you? And no, common rares don’t count. That’s just a rare tournament. But you’d know that if you played the game.

i would like common tournaments again (even though most commons are in need of buffs)

Can we get more of a variety of creaturs to use. Its always been rares and epics for a long time. I would love some sort of epic hybrids, or lengedarys.

I would like it if Rixis got a nerf with the new update. And possibly an end to the swap in meta.

I completley agree. I use monolameterodon and its good. If it were to get nerfed than I would love a boost reset to put all those boosts to magna.

You’re right. We haven’t had a legendary Advantage tournament in over 3 months