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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | October 2021

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Commons are not a good investment lol

Most people need the common DNA for many hybrids so commons are a good investment.

So can hybrids be in the tournament on Friday?

We don’t mean the hybrids, we mean the common ITSELF, and by “Investment” we don’t mean to get it to L5, 10, 15 or 20 for hybrids, we mean leveling up to 30 and using it in tournaments. With not a single common only eversince commons are kinda pointless to invest in, and I hate to admit it buy they’re probably the most profitless rarity to work like I said before, if Ludia doesn’t find a way to make commons more usable and profitable… a lot of people (Myself included) are gonna be very mad for putting in so many coins for them.

Ludia… you’re really letting us (Especially me) down… PLEASE give us common only we haven’t had one for so long! I’m sure many of us (Including myself) are really fed up with the same formats OVER and OVER again.

Hey lyonidus, I do hear you! And I try to hear every DPG member as well. Sadly, I can’t guarantee any changes but I’ll definitely forward your feedback regarding Unique Advantage tourneys to our team.

Thank you!

@Ned can you also forward to the team to bring back common only tournaments? We haven’t had one since March 9 2020, which is almost 2 years now and currently commons are the most redundant rarity to work on, it would be nice to have common only tournaments back again.


Hey Mattylus, what a coincidence! I have actually just fowarded that feedback to our team earlier today. :smiley:

Awesome! I hope to see some common only tournaments next month!

@Ned can we have epic and rares tournament only. im bored of legendaries and unique tournament

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@The_GamingRaptor, I can’t guarantee anything on my end. :sweat_smile: