[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | September 2021

Except it’s with rares and legendaries, a lot of players (Myself included) wanted commons only tourneys, commons will be practically useless in the skilled tournaments and in advantage they will only be used by people who have high leveled commons and low leveled rares and legendaries.

Do you have a specific level to participate in these tourneys ? How do these tournaments work ?
I am interested in the Titanoboa one

You have to unlock the badlands arena first

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Oh, when do you unlock that ?

The badlands are an arena you unlock from wining battles. The badlands are at 2000 cups.

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Can not wait to reck this tournament with compy and argenterx

You mean Archaeopteryx right

Nope. Archaeopteryx has an epic hybrid now now with argentavis.

But only commons rares and legendaries are allowed

oh. I misread. thought it said epics.

Is the Best tournament

Wdym that’s the worst tournament