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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | The Height of Summer Tournament (08/16)

I avoided the last two level playing field tournaments. Time to see where my daily grind actually ranks me. If its higher than the 1001 i’m in the season.

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No, its a tournament for the top players to fight other top players like they already do.

The same people that have won the last several tournaments are going to win this one as well. Wooo~ sarcasm

Hello all, lets hope for another fun tournament! Oh wait, they ain’t really fun anymore. I talked about stat boosts months ago in my YouTube videos. I’m not gonna lie, I think stat boosts are the downfall of this game. One of you mentioned it making this game burn up, and my friend you are right. Another one of you mentioned that these tournaments Make alliance missions harder, you’re right. Personally, I don’t see this game lasting much longer, if it’s aimed at pay 2 win mechanics and the same 500 people been rewarded all the time. It’s such a shame.


No necessary the same people. But the same group.

Huh, ”arena with an entry fee”. Nothing a basic mid-level player like me should care about, then.

Thank you, next…

… Then I read this.


Been seeing all 5/5/5 lvl 14s-19s in Lockdown this morning! Have fun!

…5/5/5 lv 19 Proceratomimus was particularly scary.

Edit: Also, this is the sort of pattern I’ve noticed for the Arena:

Tourney -> extreme score dropping

Between Tourneys -> slow crawl back up

Right before next Tourney -> almost evened out

Rinse and repeat

This also usually turns out to mean that for each Season we have, that the beginning is weird, but somewhat climbable.

Mid-season is the best time, where things have evened out and you can boost your highscore, until…

Mid-season tourney which knocks you right back down.

So, my advice, is that once you see yourself actually making headway, battle as much as you can before the tourney rolls around. It’s pretty much the best shot you have to raise your trophy score.

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Absolutely loving it so far!

First match. Great idea ludia - thanks for the break from the meta!!!


Not going to last but I got my screenshot :rofl:


:rofl::rofl: Can the tournament bug out and finish now :pray:


Guess you went for coffee. :smile:
I now have to open a dragons egg to pay for the stupid boosts. Arggg Tapjoy.


Ha - had to do some work. Slipped to 344 now.
I was looking at doing that Tapjoy offer too - can you let me know how long it takes you. Still fuming though as I did the Star Trek Fleet Command one (good game actually) and it rewarded the offer but the 1606 HC didn’t appear. Tapjoy says its not their problem as its showing as rewarded; Ludia say its not their problem as its Tapjoy … :frowning:

Edit: I take it back - Ludia support have just emailed again to say they have confirmed the discrepency and I will get my HC in 1-3 days :+1:

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Sure. Its not a very good game but Got fans might like it. Plagiaristicly identical to Vikings war of clans. No obvious progress on the dragon egg hatching have to wait 13 hours to feed it again.

So much fun!

Guess I will just start a battle and close the app so my alliance can get some battles in.


Exactly like the arena, as expected


I wasn’t sure if to go for it, but decided it would be fun to pass the time… But sheesh, nearly everyone in this tournament is a higher ranked player. Barely any lower-mid leveled players at all.

I fought two low levels in the beginning, then already four with level 30’s in row.

Tourney boosts

How this tourne makes me feel so far


With that, I just realized your previous comment was sarcasm :joy:

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This would be a more interesting tournament without boosts

Oh, and if Draco was banned