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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Advantage Tournament (02/14)

I woke up at 98 and had to go in to keep my top 100 spot. Played some games lost to this:

Screenshot_20200217-080310_JW Alive

Then played one more to get me here. I’m super happy!
Screenshot_20200217-082800_JW Alive


nice work.
I assume i’ll be keeping this spot in the next 30 minutes

very happy with where i ended up. I’m glad i played more than a few battles. It was a really fun tournament.


Actually enjoyed this one. Good work all!

Got it!


I only earned like 20 or 50 DNA but I really didn’t care, the tournament was horrible for me
Edit: I only got 5

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I ended up getting 500 Titan DNA. I wanted to aim higher, but for some reason I was constantly getting matched with high Miragaia players over and over again, it got deflating after a while.

Had fun in this one! Great break from overboosted arena!


I was so happy I didn’t drop from top 500.

Thank you Ludia for this tournament, us players were really happy to fight for boa dna.


I went to sleep and woke up still in the top 100 lol good job everyone. There was some serious battles in this one. I just created spinoconstrictor with my rewards :snake:

Screenshot_20200217-100700_JW Alive


Aww, poor you. Out of the 6 matches I played I got the turtle every time. Lost 1, ended at 17k, got my 200 snakes!

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Loving these free tournaments. Was able to exactly get spot number 50 which helped me to create the unique snake😃


This was my final result (but not my team).

Screenshot_20200217-073138_JW Alive

I’m super happy right now. :partying_face::snake::trophy:

It was a rough tournament for me. The beginning went really well, but by the time Sunday came around I got really worried. So I figured I would do a battle. :confounded:

I sank like a rock. Somehow, I managed to battle my way back above where I was originally and called it a day.

I always ended up with match ups that I could almost predict 100% what was going to happen. Whenever I started with my rare Erlikosaurus, my opponent’s epic Erlikosaurus came out. Lol :woman_facepalming:That happened so many times. I got matched against my opponents turtle while playing my own. Those were long battles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::turtle:

Overall I am glad this tournament is done. It was a nice change of pace to play with other creatures that you don’t normally do, but boy this tournament was insanely stressful. I think I might sit the next tournament out. :grimacing:


I was supposed to win 200 dna but couple minutes before the tournament was over i only got 5.

Right @ 250! Nice one! I was around 200 and watching my placement drop within the last hour… really didn’t want to have to risk one last battle!

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I won 3 battles.
30 trophies each I think.

Finished here

This was my actual team

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Haha, I remember we battled but definitely don’t remember the specifics of the battle!

Hard to remember when you’re battling one after the other, lol

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I saw you!
I forget when it was, and I forgot to mention it sooner. GG :ok_hand:t2:


I’m happy. This is what was waiting for me when I went to collect my reward this morning.

I really enjoyed this tournament! The only thing I didn’t like was the presence of boosts and the few glitches I had, but those glitches may have been connection related as they happened when I played on a different phone while sitting outside. When I went back indoors and used a dedicated gaming phone I had no issues.

I researched every dino that shows up frequently in my area (thank you @MattEllis for your AWESOME JWA Field Guide app!), and I’m darting everything that I think will make a future non-hybrid tournament team member. My aim is a team of all level 30 commons, but there are some rares that show up enough around here to make high level versions of those too.

I liked the L20 Deinocheirus, but of course it’s way too underleveled. L30 Deino could be fun though :wink:

I will bring my Diplodocus up to 20 and get rid of Brachiosaurus.


Hey @deepwrinkle! That’s awesome that you’re finding JWA Field Guide really helpful!! I love hearing about people making good use of it!

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