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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Advantage Tournament (02/14)

Had fun in this one! Great break from overboosted arena!


I was so happy I didn’t drop from top 500.

Thank you Ludia for this tournament, us players were really happy to fight for boa dna.


I went to sleep and woke up still in the top 100 lol good job everyone. There was some serious battles in this one. I just created spinoconstrictor with my rewards :snake:

Screenshot_20200217-100700_JW Alive


Aww, poor you. Out of the 6 matches I played I got the turtle every time. Lost 1, ended at 17k, got my 200 snakes!

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Loving these free tournaments. Was able to exactly get spot number 50 which helped me to create the unique snake😃


This was my final result (but not my team).

Screenshot_20200217-073138_JW Alive

I’m super happy right now. :partying_face::snake::trophy:

It was a rough tournament for me. The beginning went really well, but by the time Sunday came around I got really worried. So I figured I would do a battle. :confounded:

I sank like a rock. Somehow, I managed to battle my way back above where I was originally and called it a day.

I always ended up with match ups that I could almost predict 100% what was going to happen. Whenever I started with my rare Erlikosaurus, my opponent’s epic Erlikosaurus came out. Lol :woman_facepalming:That happened so many times. I got matched against my opponents turtle while playing my own. Those were long battles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::turtle:

Overall I am glad this tournament is done. It was a nice change of pace to play with other creatures that you don’t normally do, but boy this tournament was insanely stressful. I think I might sit the next tournament out. :grimacing:


I was supposed to win 200 dna but couple minutes before the tournament was over i only got 5.

Right @ 250! Nice one! I was around 200 and watching my placement drop within the last hour… really didn’t want to have to risk one last battle!

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I won 3 battles.
30 trophies each I think.

Finished here

This was my actual team

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Haha, I remember we battled but definitely don’t remember the specifics of the battle!

Hard to remember when you’re battling one after the other, lol

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I saw you!
I forget when it was, and I forgot to mention it sooner. GG :ok_hand:t2:


I’m happy. This is what was waiting for me when I went to collect my reward this morning.

I really enjoyed this tournament! The only thing I didn’t like was the presence of boosts and the few glitches I had, but those glitches may have been connection related as they happened when I played on a different phone while sitting outside. When I went back indoors and used a dedicated gaming phone I had no issues.

I researched every dino that shows up frequently in my area (thank you @MattEllis for your AWESOME JWA Field Guide app!), and I’m darting everything that I think will make a future non-hybrid tournament team member. My aim is a team of all level 30 commons, but there are some rares that show up enough around here to make high level versions of those too.

I liked the L20 Deinocheirus, but of course it’s way too underleveled. L30 Deino could be fun though :wink:

I will bring my Diplodocus up to 20 and get rid of Brachiosaurus.


Hey @deepwrinkle! That’s awesome that you’re finding JWA Field Guide really helpful!! I love hearing about people making good use of it!

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I managed to get to 500 Titanoboa DNA, but I was an idiot and decided that I should go further and try to get higher. Ended up only getting 300 DNA at the end, better than what I thought I would get though.


I enjoyed the tournament with these unboosted dinosaurs! I like advantage tournaments where common members who are no longer using the arena can shine again.

How was Diplo doing in tournament?

He survived Miragaia and Velociraptor up to level 26 and unboosted. He was able to beat the Triceratops who would swap in if he didn’t stun. He worked well!

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