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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Advantage Tournament (02/14)

Yeah it will easily lol. And really there isn’t many high level carbos. It’s too new and has 2 hybrids. We know rexy has 3 hybrids but it’s been around since launch. Over leveled rexy will dominate some.

Allo g2 won’t be high leveled either (it kills rex in skill tourney) its exclusive and too hard to get and has the alloraptor for now heh.

What level is your rex btw?

Rich get richer. Sigh…

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agree my lvl 28 Rex will crush that poor turtle :slight_smile:

Its lvl 30. So are a few other dinos.

Prob lvl a.few viable purebreds for use.

But those big boosted randoms will probably climb to the top relatively early on, leaving the majority—those with creatures levelled only to fusion level—at the mercy of each other’s Carbos.
I remember facing boosted Rexes, Sinos, Smilos and even one Marsupial Lion (level twenty-something) in the arena, and I don’t think they were bots, so they might reappear in this tournament, although toned down a bit because of boosts 2.0.

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Its garbage! Keep the top at the top! They dont need any competition! 5000 dna come on give every one 1000 dna then… i just got my titanaboa to level 12 its gonna take me months to get it to hybrid level! Not to metion monolorhino… i got 100 dna on its hybrid and they took that away. So im stuck using sanctuaries to get little bits of dna here and there its gonna take another month to get that hybid. I just got smilonemy up to level 24 and my team level is 26-28… you can do better ludia!

No speed ties and I’m pretty sure there are less than 1000 players with max boosted L30 commons.
Not sure why the hate, but I LIKE the hate.
The bigger the boycott, the greater the chances of a top 10,000 finish.
It’s a high probability of an unlock if most pass on it, but i got a hunch this is going to be the biggest tourney ever. I’ll be happy with top 20,000.
And it gives me something to spend speed boosts on. LOL


Dude the entry fee is free

Regular = No hybrids

Gonna try to climb up in an attempt to at least get a little snek DNA… it’s free entry after all.

got exactly 4 common/rare/epic over level 20 - none boosted. so probably just gonna join, take my 5 boa and leave it at that :sweat_smile:


Looks like I can take advantage of some of those creatures I overlevelled for sancs (Level 26 Baja :rofl:). I also have use for all that Ptera as well.

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I feel ya, im a new player and barelly have 2 bosted creatures with 1 boost in each stat
Im dead meat here

if i wasn’t so concerend about finding every boa i could find ( like there are many to begin with lol) i might actually have bajanodon. my baja is just now reaching lv 14. no parks near me, but there is a section of road that spawns park dinos. i’ll see 1-4 baja there on my way home from work.

Me sees that I’m ya un boosted

Well seems a reckoning is going to occur:

Looks at trex: we’re gonna have some fun :smiling_imp:

Yeah i can’t enter those tournaments either as i don’t level or boost creatures i don’t use on my main team, but since the entry fee is free, well, i might see how far i can go with my low level dinos…

I am going to try. I probably won’t go too far, but hey any snake DNA helps. I’m hoping for at least 200. :snake:

Glad that Ludia offers Boa DNA as tournament reward. This compensates a bit for the lack of Boa spawns.
Maybe Ludia should combine events and tournaments more often. Would bring some more variety to tournaments.


With that… I think if you actually did play a lot you could get pretty high. That is of course until you reach a boost wall, which should be pretty high up.

I was thinking the same about pteranodon. With all this extra dna for it left I was considering to level it. But idk it just doesn’t seem that great. Do you think it would do well? I’d probably only do lvl 20 tbh heh.