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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Advantage Tournament (02/14)

I was thinking swap in ferocity plus armor piercing counter could work well in some situations…I can take mine to like 28 if I wanted to haha.

Too many coins I’de like to use on it xD but yeah swap in ferocity armor piercing counter. Exactly what I was thinking about. But was feeling like it’s very sacrificial though. That move could even hurt carbo some.

It is a lot of coins, but I also like having things for our sancs when we are building them. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet so we’ll see. But I thought haven’t something different overlevelled might be a little advantage.

Me too. That’s one of the things I do like about advantage tourneys. Surprises like that. I had to reply because I was thinking pterano last night as I was looking for surprises heh.

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It’s going to be a very interesting tourney.
Meta tiers will play a smaller factor than levels and boosts.
I’m going to take my highest level stuff and try to figure out which 8 will work best, then spend excess boosts on them.
I will most certainly be spending more time on team prep than ever before.
As dorky as it sounds, I’m looking forward to it. LOL


Lets go Raptor Squad!!

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I’m sorry but I think you might have to swap out the stegoceratops

Yeah i think so too but i want to try him out for nostalgia maybe hell come in handy.

I think he meant because this is a non-hybrid tourney…

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Haha good call lol forgot that slight detail

so a tournament for whales get new epic dna.
good! :+1:


Any word on when we might expect a guide from any random, unnamed websites?

Agree 100%. I enjoy these much more than the “skilled” ones

Since it isn’t a skilled tournament, you probably won’t see one from GP. This is so dependent on levels of creatures and boosts and what DNA you happen to have on hand.


So Einiasuchus is not allowed even though it is a Rare and can be found in the wild?

It’s a hybrid, so no.

But…we will probably be releasing something else that might help (hype!) :speak_no_evil:


A.k.a. The Batman Tournament LOL!


Ouch lol shook my whole world up lol. This thing is out to play, beware xD it bites through the screen.


Wow… LOL
Luckily I’m only shooting for a realistic Top 5000 min, top 500 max.
I’m still in my war room.