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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Advantage Tournament (02/14)

I was having a lot of fun with this one, thanks to my three tournament crutches :grin: I created these long before I ever thought of entering a tournament. I had a ton of excess DNA from all my night hunting and the daily dinos, so I made these to use for strike towers.

I got all the way up to rank 258 and 1500 DNA reward, then more losses and this crapola started happening…

I killed the raptor, then it CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD! I had to force close the game. I opened it up again several minutes later and was greeted with this.

I will try again later on tonight. I have a ton of Tarbo DNA since I’ve had a level 30 Thor for so long, so I think I’ll work on making a L30 @Tarbosaurus :slight_smile: I also want a L30 Deinocheirus, Ophiacodon, Postosuchus, and maybe Dimetrodon Gen 2.


Trying to keep myself in the top 1K. getting a bit difficult, but i should be fine. I was originally only hoping for 20K. so this extra boa dna is a bonus.

lack of boosts and the variety in teams. Most are using highest leveled creatures. lots of miragaia and fusion level creatures. I am seeing very few turtles this time around.

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@Rothferd Good game! Was a close one.

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I hope this keeps me in top 100. I don’t want to go back in if I don’t have to.

Screenshot_20200216-213357_JW Alive

I do remember a fantastic match against @arugono.

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That was arena. Got.lucky

I’ve been playing some of the same people in both so I get mixed up haha. GG though.

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Ok. @sheriffbikerlady if you are on the forum…
Nice nearly full swap team. :grin:

I love that Pteranodon :heart_eyes:

Hope she can get some useful buff soon

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Screenshot_20200217-000027_JW Alive

Mirag and turtle killer

I’ve had luck with concav for miragaia. it can’t really deal with turtle very well, but i always have a back up.

The difference with concave is it’s not a rending counter. But still a decent one against mirag

yeah. but my carno is only lv 10. Didn’t really want to spend the coins (and dna) to get it to 20 for a tournament. concav was the next best thing. she has save me against tarbos a great deal. can bet on them using API first about 90% of the time.

Tourneys are the future of jwa imo don’t be afraid to put a little effort in. Yeah tarbo uses api first 90% of the time hehe.

Also carno with rending takes out all those thicc long necks and such. They can’t touch the shield+ rending. I’ve seen a lvl 29 giraffatitan go down from my carno lol.

I have enough dna to take it to 20, but that doesn’t leave me any for leveling it’s hybrid. :roll_eyes: Carno is in one of the two zones i can never get to.

I’ve been running into that thing a lot and I hate it. I have a lvl 29 t-rex on the team and if its drawn to battle he always comes out to adjust that nuisance’s attitude. Hasn’t let me down yet.

I level it because I go through area 4 every single day and I pass on 3 carno daily because I had an overabundance of its dna. But not anymore time to dart that sucker heh.

Same with tarbo I passed about 1,000 tarbos because when you have 200k tarbo it’s really easy to yawn at. These things give me motive to dart again. My tarbo is lvl 27 but I wouldn’t take it passed that yet. My new goal is lvl 30 tarbo forget Thor lol.

That’s a huge trex lol, I want that. Trex at lvl 27+ is a monster in this tourney. And if I think about any tourney that involves rex lvl 29 is a beast.

Not quite ready to go after lv 30 any things yet. Once I have everything created ( longest grind ever) my first goal is to get a team to lv 26. Then I’ll try things for fun.
I still have 7 left to make. Magna, gamini, vexus, bajanodon, rhino, and both boas. I’ll be busy for a while.

I get what you mean. I think I am just at a different place where spending dna doesn’t matter that much. A lot of my team is 27-29. I like to keep them at 29 because… who cares and 250k to level is meh.

My orion has been ready for level 30 since very early December but ehh who cares xD it’s already there rather save coins imho. When my team gets to all lvl 29 ready to go then I’ll put my coins there heh.