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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Advantage Tournament (02/14)

Live look at this tourney lol


I no longer give a DracoRAT’s behind about arena or boosting anything for it. Arena sucks and is NOT fun, these no-hybrid tourneys are fun. Especially the no-boost ones. This is as high as I got today…

…but alas the cancerous boosts surfaced with the 150+ speed crap and I dropped down some. Oh well. I’m still going to level some more commons. I got Tarbo to 21 tonight.


Wow nice levels on your team mate. I like the lvl 30’s there

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I think you need to substitute brachi for diplod bro. Diplod crushes brachi status. I’d also get rid of lvl 20 dieno :slight_smile:

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I’m settling for this spot. Got Kapro in all matches so far, but when he’d not be picked several times in a row, I’d probably get owned by lvl 30 boosted Miragaias or something.

I settled for around there too. Once I got into the top 1000 (team of all level 20 unboosted Unique ingredients) I just decided to park there and see what happens.
I’ve since dropped around 300 spots down every 12 hours, so I’ll probably still finish with 400 DNA. Combined with FIPing, I’ll be able to start fusing for Boa soon.

I want to add the snake to my collection, since there will most likely be an event for more boa in the future and I’m not changing my main team until it’s maxed or until Ludia utterly destroys 1 of its members.

Calling it quits here. Pretty sure I’ll still be top 500 when it ends.Screenshot_20200217-051315

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I got mine!
I’ll keep an eye on it, but I think 90 is the guarantee.


200 is all I need to get my boa to level 15!!!

Only played 4 battles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Soon! :sweat_smile:

This was a painful tournament just trying to get a lock on 200 Titanboa.

Do Iiiiii get Myyyy turtle drawn??? NoooOOOooo.
Do my opponents ALWAYS get thier turtrle drawn??? Yeeeees… Of course. Every time.

I did manage to get to 119 without getting my turtle drawn more than 6 battles in a row AND managed to take out two teams with turtles with Elasmotherium and the Marsupial Lion on the way up from ZERO winning 4 battles in a row. This was soooo infuriating.

How in the name of F!&$% are you only on 90 points with that team!?

It was really fun to play with! I would love to see a distracting move of some sort or an HP buff that allows it to better utilize the swap in move and counter. She served me will in many situations though! That was my swap in turtle counter haha.

I woke up at 98 and had to go in to keep my top 100 spot. Played some games lost to this:

Screenshot_20200217-080310_JW Alive

Then played one more to get me here. I’m super happy!
Screenshot_20200217-082800_JW Alive


nice work.
I assume i’ll be keeping this spot in the next 30 minutes

very happy with where i ended up. I’m glad i played more than a few battles. It was a really fun tournament.


Actually enjoyed this one. Good work all!

Got it!


I only earned like 20 or 50 DNA but I really didn’t care, the tournament was horrible for me
Edit: I only got 5

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I ended up getting 500 Titan DNA. I wanted to aim higher, but for some reason I was constantly getting matched with high Miragaia players over and over again, it got deflating after a while.