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Tournaments are short events (example: two days’ duration) that will occur on a variable schedule, as determined by our Live Operations team. While Tournaments are available, you can keep playing the PvP Battle (and indeed participate in an ongoing Season, if it is active). To join a Tournament you can choose to opt-in.

To enter a Tournament go to the Special Event tab in the Battle Panel of the game and tap the “Play This Event” button to begin registration.

Tournament Rules

  • An entry fee is required to participate in each tournament.
  • Players collect medals, not trophies, for each battle won in a tournament.
  • Every player starts at zero medals at the beginning of each tournament.
  • Prizes are awarded based on a player’s Medal Count at the end of each tournament.
  • Tournament matches occur in a new, special arena: Amusement Park!

Additional Rules

  • Tournament takedowns are not added to the Daily Battle Incubator’s progress.
  • You do not win Battle Incubators that are usually associated with the regular PvP Battles while playing in a Tournament.
  • Tournaments are distinct from Seasons.
  • You can opt in at any time while a Tournament is active. So please pay attention to how much time is left in a Tournament to ensure that you have the greatest chance of victory.

Here are some examples of Tournament types, and their associated nomenclature:

Tournament Requirements

  • While playing in Tournaments, a few requirements may apply. Above are some examples using the most common rules.
    • The rules may be updated periodically to create new types of Tournaments.
  • When your Strike Team matches any and all requirements, you may participate in the Tournament.
  • Creatures that don’t fit with the requirements are automatically filtered out in Team Selection. The rest are left to be picked and placed in the Tournament Team by the player!

Special PvP rules apply

  • All players that opt-in, except for flagged cheaters, are part of the matchmaking pool for each individual Tournament. Matchmaking is based on the current PvP matchmaking rules.
    • see “Cheaters” section below for details.
  • During the Tournament, regular PvP rules will apply to individual battles.
  • Use your team of 8 creatures.
  • Use 4 randomly chosen creatures from your team of 8 for each battle.
  • Defeat 3 of your opponent’s creatures to win each match.
  • Gain medals when you win to increase your rank.
  • When 2 or more players have the same score on the Leaderboard, the tie-breaker will be time-based; the first one to have scored points will receive the advantage in rank.


  • Cheaters are removed from each tournament’s Leaderboard and matchmaking. For more information on Cheating and Consequences, please see the following section of the forum:
  • Furthermore, flagged cheaters will no longer be paired with non-flagged cheaters in PvP battle.

Tournament Leaderboard

  • While the tournament is active, the Tournament Leaderboard shows the top 500 players.
  • Players can also see their current position at all times even if it’s below the top 500 in the leaderboard.
  • The Leaderboard freezes at the end of the Tournament to determine the winners.


  • Prizes are awarded based on ranking at the closure of the Tournament.
    • If a player is in the middle of a battle when the Tournament ends, the result will not affect their standings.
  • Rewards are distributed automatically as soon as a Tournament ends.
  • To collect your reward go to the Tournament menu and tap on the Collect button
  • Players have one week from the end of the Tournament to collect their rewards.
  • After the one week collection period the reward data is reset, so please plan accordingly.
Tournament needs to be halted
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Sounds pretty good once we will be able to play :thinking:

Skilled tournaments are a nice type.