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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Turkey Lurkey Goggledy Gobble Main Event Tournament (11/29)

Hello fellow DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Tournament. For more detailed information related to Tournaments, see HERE: Tournament Overview


  • Creatures
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Regular and hybrids
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to default Levels (any)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Enabled



Haha. Fun name. Meh tourney. Higher ups should give the guy in charge of names a raise


This could be a fun tournament. But i think i’ll sit out. Nothing for lower than 10K, and even then it’s not that great. Tho i do believe you get your money back at top 10K. Just kind of a meh tournament imo.

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Swap in garbage tournament. Not sure if its worth for that extra incubator. Rewars were cut for 70% from all tournaments it seems.

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Also, I have no legendaries that have been boosted and I won’t boost any.

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The name is masterpiece. The rules and rewards are not.
It’s bad to skip another one, but I don’t want to waste time.

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There is just no pleasing some of you, is there :slight_smile:

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Not a huge fan of legendary boosted tourneys since DC is a thing (especially the 5K HP and 2.1K attack monsters I see) and any counters it has are usually not at the same level or are unique .

I do like that they vary it a bit though. Some people prefer the boosted tourneys while others like the skills tourneys. No one is making anyone enter and as Tielenaar said above, you can’t please everyone.


ez money for those prepared… who has a team of boosted rares, epics and legendaries… you cut out half or more of the competition…

A boosted thyla would be pretty good. One of the few creatures that doesnt need attack boosts. But prcerath and DC will probably dominate this tournament. And the ceratopians. can’t forget about the ceratopians.

Don’t think they really try it, but maybe you’re right =D

a super boosted Tryos can be pretty scary as well. And the DC, Monostego combo can be super annoying.

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if i wanted 45 cents of in-app purchase content i would just buy it. dont need to spend then entire weekend battling to get it.

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On the apply, you say rare and epic, not hybrid… What is the good one?

It’s bad enough to have to deal with the sewer rat when it pops up in the arena, I don’t want to have to deal with it in every battle in the tournament. Guess I’ll sit out another tourney.

Default levels?? Pass…

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No. Give us back our rewards for the tournaments to make it worth while the DC spam this tournament invites.
Hey at least CoD:Mobile released their latest season update, and by golly did they do a fine iob. They get my money this weekend. *$$$ *

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Right?! Zombies! :zombie::zombie:

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Hows the Zombies compared to console?

The whole game feels like taking the console game and putting on your phone tbh. And they just came out with controller support as well so you can actually play with your Bluetooth controller.

But not to derail the topic so yeah…dinosaurs :grin: