[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Woolly Rhinoceros Tournament (03/27)

Right, we will have huge start advantage in top three arenas.

Don’t. they’ll get bombed by Trex and other boosted epics out there… I remember from last epic advantage tourney there were a LOT even at top 2000.

Nope. Not this tournament. Starts April 6th.

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Yeah then just take what I said in my first reply as my only one now. lol

Gonna be unlocking Porcus with this… Monorhino is coming this week too.
Great because I can focus back on FIPing Mammoth for Lania.

@Qiew It might already be for this tournament.

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Well then whoever’s right should take all my replies then. If I’m wrong I may as well withdraw them lol

Sorry if I dont respond much. Trying to do this on a phone is annoying


Yeah quoting on phone is buggy. :grin::joy:

Will wait and see what happens. They obviously can’t do anything without bugs. :grin:

Great rewards, tournament was fun last time…
My only concern is if we can have a tournament that can run properly. We just had a free boosts tournament and I have quitted (yes gave up on the free boosts) after seeing the amount of lag, the inability to have two matches in a row starting proprerly and the ceratopians glitch. This was the most horrific tournament we had so far. Even with the current situation where we are stucked at home, that was not worth the time needed to go around all this mess. Will it be fixed for this one @E.D ?


Most buggy tourney ever, still surprised I managed to come in 2nd…

I mean the rewards are great, but… Ugh… Commons means overboosted Miragaia everywhere…

Kinda wish we could have the hybrids tbh. I don’t like this recent trend of “unboosted x tournament followed by boosted x tournament”. I prefer to have a bit more variety each week, so we’re not seeing the exact same teams two weeks in a row, just with different stats.


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“help immensely”
looks at the 25, 50, 250 DNA that most people will end up with
Really? :thinking:

I honestly can’t believe they’ve got prizes that worthless. Sure, people need to open their wallets to get anywhere near the top 500 and that’s by design but 25, 50 and 250 is just a silly low amount. It’s not even an exclusive creature.


Yay 10 free Rhino


I was looking at where I would end up. 5k-1k. And it will help me as its rhinos I dont have to find by luck while passing through if I can get out of the house.

Ugh welp guess I’m gonna have to try

Ouuu…I might be tempted by this tournament.


I gotta try it, that Rhino is too good.

Happy birthday Sean :slight_smile: