[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Woolly Rhinoceros Tournament (03/27)

Agreed, skill > advantage.

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I like advantage tourneys honestly. Skill is way to dependent on rng, dinos drawn, speed ties, and crits/stuns. I find it annoying sometimes.

In advantage it’s not as dependent on those factors and more on your progress. The biggest problem I see in this tourney is mirag. Everyone boosts it and we were spoon fed its dna.

A common shouldn’t be hanging around legendaries and even some uniques. It needs a nerf. “Let’s nerf carbonemys some because it caused some trouble in a very few tourneys. But let’s keep mirag and procerat as they are lol”.

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Oh no, no more nerfs to carbonemys, the SV nerf is welcome, however the HP nerf was a no thank you Yeah Mira should just get a slight DMG nerf while proce should get a slight HP and DMG nerf.

Look at this stupid thing lol and it’s already a problem with out boosts. Shield, decel, regen, and ap counter.

Screenshot_20200328-124424_JW Alive

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Woohoo, big oof for you to face that :joy:, I agree, I know I have mine at 25 but gotta be honest, it should get a slight nerf in ATK.


I’ve seen a worse one just no screen cap. But lvl 30 yellow hp tier…

Really dislike miragaia. usually takes me 2 dinos to take it out when higher level than my team. and that’s not taking about boosts.

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If I ever max out my arena team in both lvls and boosts, I’ll do the same for certain commons, rares, epics, legendaries and uniques just for future advantage tourneys, I plan to go max DMG for Mira and 5 HP tiers and 5 Spd tiers.

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Exactly, just waiting for that thing to get a slight DMG nerf, obviously it shouldn’t be useless, but it should’t be too OP.

either a damage nerf, or a nerf to the counter’s damage.
Is mirag classified as a tank? cause idk of many chompers that can kill it easily.

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Yeah we don’t need it to be nerfed to useless. But look this common competes with legendary and uniques better than a lot of epics lol.

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Stegosauridaes are usually classified as tanks, Mira is the odd stegosauridae. I’d say a DMG nerf to 900-1200.

Think it goes with personnal preference/how you built your team. To me, I really hate advantage because I dont waste/lvl dinos I dont/wont use in my arena team. I feel like skill tournaments are way more “fair” since even though you may not have a dino, youll have something else at the same lvl.

Sure, speed ties suck but they really arent as common as people say they are, and at least you have a fighting “chance”. In boosted tournaments, youll either face things that are 5 lvls over yours or boosted to crap, where you have absolutely no chance at all. This basically puts a hard cap on your rankings and “punishes” newer players even more, which I dont really like.

Like in this one, with all my default 20 epics, there is no way I can climb higher than roughly 1000th, as thats where you start seeing a few boosts/ 2-3 level difference. Its a bit annoying when I know I can easily rank top 100/250 on every “skill” tournament for the same amount of time.

Then again this is just my opinion/situation, pretty sure a few people must be happy to show off their weird mascots hehe!

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Yeah I do agree though, skill tourneys are fun. They’re just a bit frustrating at times. I lose by at least 10 speed ties per skill tourney. I play a lot of battles. So I give you that but it happens in crucial times lol.

It’s more fun than the arena in advantage tourneys imo. Arena: All maxxed boosted uniques Thoradolosaur with 6k damage crits instant stuns with maxima and gemini with 8-9k hp erlidom with 5k rampage etc.

But at the same time in advantage tourneys always have some power creep dinosaur. In this case its mirag. Every single one can have that problem. From mirag procerat ig2 etc. Always some dumb dino that people boost because it’s a troll.

Yeah thats another reason why I like skill better, it gives something different from regular arenas with a feeling of “old school” play, back before boosts were a thing. In advantage, its more the same as reg arena, you just swap the random 140 speed thor for Bob with his 150 speed Diplocaulus (actually faced one like that).

I actually like the starting trophies as you don’t encounter lvl 10’s but start somewhere right about where you’re at… also win and loss are less dramatic if your opponent does have much higher creatures.


DRIVES ME NUTS. Never had this many connection issues and no attack to pick as this tournament.

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The current tournament is not awarding trophies when I win battles. It says my trophy count is at 1026 then I will win a battle and after I win it either says my trophy count is lower and awards me 30 trophies or doesn’t award anything. This has happened 6 wins in a row now without my trophy count or rank changing.

Go into the leaderboard to see your current score. Otherwise you’ll only see your highscore, in this case 1032.

Today I entered into the tournament. :grimacing:

I feel like I am where I would like to be. I’ll be watching my ranking like a hawk for the rest of the day. Lol :rofl:

The tournament has been really buggy for me.

I also got this weird screenshot of Rexy. Not only does it show dig in as her move, but I noticed that she was super close. It was like the entire screen was magnified. There were moments where all I could see was my opponent’s Erlikosaurus.

Screenshot_20200329-105447_JW Alive

Also, I would be in the middle of battle and then it goes back to the tournament screen where you pick your team and I can still hear the creatures yelling in the background. When I press “battle”, it brings me back to the current match. That was really weird. :thinking:


I have a similar screenshot, only mine was with Velociraptor!

I haven’t done too brilliantly this time. Usually I’m top 500 even in the advantage tournaments, but I can’t even seem to break 1,000 this time.