[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Woolly Rhinoceros Tournament (03/27)

Dig in on Trex? make your Trex faster than a velociraptor!! oh wait. we already have stat boosts.


Rex with Dig In would be horrifying tbh.


It’s craze-inducing. I’ve lost a bunch of battles in a row due to both speed-ties and connection errors in the same matches :rage:.
I’m giving up trying to increase my highscore for now.

At least the rewards are highscore-based this time.


Good luck everyone. Time to sleep. Had a lot of tough back to back close battles. I wanted top 50 but it’s time to rest oh well. Too many lvl 28-30 boosted miras and rexy.

My conclusion: Mirag deserves a nerf.

Screenshot_20200330-042827_JW Alive

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How are you going to nerf carbonemys for being dangerous in only one type of tourney. But keep mirag a silly common… and procerat the same.

Both of those decide tourney outcomes more than carbonemys ever did, and they both can hang around with legends and uniques. Lol.

The jump from >250 to top250 is insane. Up to ~300 I get matched against people with roughly lvl20-22 Epics, and when I hit top 250 I get matched against lvl28+ dinos (usually boosted). Where the hell is the inbetween?

Why tha hell do the “searching for opponent” screen only lasts for like 10 seconds sometimes? This is so stupid and extremely annoying!! I keep getting back to arena screen over and over again!

And other time I get stuck on the searching screen forever, never finding an opponent, and I have to cancel it myself… This doesn’t make any sense :triumph:

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Ending it here for me.

I’ve run into some scary stuff and don’t want to take anymore chances. Lol

I like the Tourney being highscore based now, but I’m running into utterly unwinnable matchups more than half the time now. Matching Algorithm needs a change after this.

I was battling around that range, facing opponents at my level or a bit higher and winning just 20-25 medals… Suddenly I started facing monsters at level 25 to 30 and losing 35-40 medals! So freaking BS! Droped all the way to 700’s. If it wasn’t for the new highscore system I would be freaking furious

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I feel ya.

I normally get in top 500 in these tournaments, but this new scoring system is making it harder.

Yep. But I’m fine with top 1k. Most of these boosted tourneys suck

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i fell out of top 1K because i just couldn’t keep playing. i’m still happy with he 250 rhino. that’s 3-4 wild rhino for me if i ever came across more than 1 a month.

It’s time to fix your tournaments. Was fighting last two hours. After bad streak, I had a chance to get back into top 250, but too low medals rewarded for wins, app freeze on searching an opponent and waiting on opponent three times one minute that match timed out in last half an hour left me just short of top 250. Of last 5 wins in a row got 4 times only 20 medals for win. There should be minimum 30 medals for win and max should stay 40. With 4 times 30 medals I would be safely in top 250.

Oh yeah last match that was in progress was so buggy that both of us had connection issues. I managed to get a win somehow, while opponent could only use base attack.

Please do something about these connection issues and medals awarded, @Ned, @E.D.


Sorry to hear that, Dino.
I was barely able to get in the top 250… which was the goal, unlocked Porcus and have enough dna to get it to lv20.


I decided to try once more, and I somehow got to top 1k after leveling Miragaia up to 21. It’s pretty incredible that a common wound up being the dino that got me further.

I also found matchmaking really weird. Lots of 20 trophy wins (sometimes understandable - somehow I was still getting matched up with newer players in spite of the new system) and sometimes I only lost 20 because someone would come barging in with their boosted T-Rex. It made rising in ranks difficult.

Thanks, Dinotris. I’ll let our team know!

yep. win 20s loose 30-40 to a stronger opponent. i couldn’t keep up with the losses.

Just sent support ticket too, as you suggested in other thread.

Pretty happy with where I got.