Tournaments need fixing

Im sure i’m not the only one who hates tournaments.

Sometimes the bots i go against are slightly weaker and most of the time they can 1 hit my team (i always use my top creatures). I hate how you can’t fast forward the animations and have to wait for the bots to make their moves, we all know they’re not real players so why all the charade.

Also this is VIP tournament, so naturally you would expect to not have to grind as much as regular tournaments but no, the same nonsense all over again. You can get the same packs from prize drops yet not have the creature unlocked.

Recently in the VIP tournament i got into first place on predator league, won 4 matches (over 100 cups) and still not dominator, thus finishing the tournament on predator. Not sure if this a bug or if the dominator bots are way above me, which is highly unlikely.

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The cutoff for Dominator was 977 trophies in my bracket. Most tournaments finish about the same. It doesn’t matter what the score of Predator 1 is or how many victories you made from that position. What matters is did you cross the threshold to enter Dominator.

As for your other complaints. I doubt that Ludia is going to drastically alter basic game mechanics at this late a date in the game. Tournaments of all stripe are a grind. The prize wheel can be very frustrating (except when it’s not). And if you bring underpowered creatures to a tournament battle expect to get stomped.


I don’t bring underpowered creatures, they’re all roughly the same ferocity. It’s just the bots are all over the place especially in predator, they’re either weak or impossible to beat.

I understand that you should grind for tournament creatures, that’s how mobile games work, release something new and have players grind for it. The problem is the system is so flawed, everyone knows they’re not real opponents, so why go through all the pointless charades?

Just rework the entire system and give us a more viable tournament. One with a lot less rng

This shouldn’t be the case; only once in a few games. If you are constantly getting stacked matches against your favor then it means your team and/or top roster is weak for Pred/Dom, and the game is trying to punish you for it.


i don’t usually need my top 3 creatures on daily events. Im just confused with the bots we’re facing in tournaments, is there like a pattern? Why are they sometimes under-levelled and completely unbeatable at times?

I don’t usually go against weak bots on dominator, but on predator it’s all over the place. Im a last minute player so it matters a lot, i usually just aim for the 90-99th place on dominator

Daily events are vastly different than tournaments. I don’t use any of the top 25% of my creatures in tournaments as they would be OP when compared with what I would get matched up against. Tournaments don’t care what your available roster is only what you bring to that specific match.

The ranks of 1-15 ish in Predator I like to refer to as the war zone or no mans land as entering these ranks you should be prepared for anything you could be faced with a team that is stronger than what you will face in dominator or you will be faced with a cake walk depending on the strength of the team you bring. A team with AFS of 2,000 can some times work but a team with 3,000 will be better, and a team with 4,000 will be almost a for sure win if you know what you are doing.


In the days when i used to sneak into dom (which is quite recent past) , i always used to stay below pred top 20 . Battling at the top of predator was quite difficult and i learnt my lesson . I think it was andy or aether told me top pred is like dominator so i stayed off of it .
I had all dominator finishes in next 4/5 tourneys with that strategy .


What are your top creatures?