Tournaments/Petting like the other Jurassic World game


I would love to have tournaments like the other JW game. They are so much fun like no raptors, hybrids only, sauropods only, etcetera… Also, they ability to win some prizes for participating that way players who can afford to buy coins or DNA have more of a chance to receive.

Also another thing I liked (it seems dumb) but I like petting my dinosaurs in the other JW game. I feel that my dino did a good job, I should at least pet thrm since you can’t feed them in this game.


Could be due to connection issues rather than cheating.


I got great wifi here at home… maybe their connection? I couldn’t load the video but he was still fighting me tho I couldn’t see my dino and can only use the attack on the left… the better attacks were disabled… why I thought that way. I could also swap my dinos but I couldn’t see who to choose at the bottom.


Its glitched out… seems like 1/10 fights do something like this to me


Also maybe add getting DNA for aquatic dinosaurs at lakes or bodies of water would be cool too.


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I would love to be able to pet the dinos!


LOL I always pet my theropods. I tell my little nieces and nephew that when they snap and roar, it’s time to stop petting them.


Well that was a confusing read!!!


I’m not mad, I was genuinely confused when I read my reply in relation to your post and thought I’d posted it in the wrong thread lol

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Thanks so much Blue :heart: