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Tournaments ruin this game


Every time a tournament comes around; I groan internally. I am not a top level player; I have no hope of getting anywhere near the top and honestly have no desire to. However; I know that this means a month or so of even more aggravating and frustrating time spent in arena.

Arena is already by far the absolute worst aspect of this game, what with the bugs, the rng, and the insanity-inducing bs that is dracorex gen 2 spamming, its not something to be enjoyed; merely a chore to suffer through to gain the incubators I need to continue building my collection and complete the dailys for coin and cash. So when a tournament starts I know that first; all the high rank players are going to get booted down to have fun trashing players like me, then for the rest of the month I’ll be fodder for any player on a losing streak who drops down to my level. Facing full level 26 unique teams at the bottom of lockwood is not fun.

I honestly dont understand why the tournament isnt voluntary; not all of us play this game competitively. If they simply expect casual players to not play arena for a month while the high level players have their pissing contest then they’re cutting out a substantial portion of the playerbase. But then this is Ludia; I suppose I shouldnt expect much from them given their track record.


I feel you bro.


In before cheerleaders claim tournaments don’t affect anyone below ~4500 trophies.

I also hate tournaments.

They make players leave…

They make the arena ridiculous.


I think this tournament has been the worst for me; I’m just below the cut-off for trophy resets, so when everyone got booted down to 4500 trophies I ended up facing everyone who lost their first tournament match and dropped down further for like a week.

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They really should leave the arenas alone… and when a tournament comes around… open a new arena strictly for the tournament and start everyone at 0 trophies…

•If you want to go for the special prize(s), then go into the special arena and battle for a prize.
•If you don’t want to go for a prize, then stay in the normal arena and get the regular incubators.

And of course, if you really feel ambitious… do both… but they should be tracked separate…

If not competitive, why else would you be in the arenas that are PvP? It has to be competitive otherwise everyone would get an incubator whether they won or lost… Not being competitive would be ignoring the arenas all together… just my thought…


This is the problem. Tournaments by their very nature are competitive and it brings out both the best and worst in players. The problem is that casual players get crushed by the competitive players with their higher level teams who get pushed down to where they are. It is a silly situation and shows why there needs to be a separate Arena system for those who want to opt into the tournaments. Let the competitive players compete for the top prizes and let the casual players just battle for the battle incubators.

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I did say; I play arena solely for the incubators and the daily missions. It’s a chore to be completed to keep up the income of dna, cash and coins I need to keep building my collection. Unlocking all the dinos is my sole goal in this game.


They did it for the cheaters, why can’t they do it for the casuals?


They force no update for the duration of the tournament.


I’ve litterally been asking why the tournements are mandatory for months now.

Never did get a response, other then snippy tournement fanbois.



No, really… lol I would SOOO bail on tournaments if I could fulfill incubators without them. I don’t care about “it’s just normal arena” or rewards, or anything else. My goal is collection completion. I could not care less about competition.

So… My biggest reason? Time. Just, time. I can’t loose 5 battles per 1 win during the mindless thrashing in the bottlenecks because I simply don’t have the time to spend half an hour per incubator. So… yep.

The solution to that is to take a dive when you can sorta run a battle, but don’t care about the outcome. Then you can more or less win when you need to fill a spot. But then people complain about arena droppers. So casual players that simply want the arena exclusives without having to be in the mix cannot win. Literally with the battle or figuratively with a good number of the community.

I would love to just battle bots for incubators and ignore PvP altogether. It’s just not my thing but it’s mandatory for the incubator exclusives.