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Tournaments should be 'flat levelled'

There are many things very wrong with the second JWA tournament but I don’t want to focus on all of that right now. But I’d like to make one (no two, points). Given the outcome of the second tournament with scores in excess of 30,000 trophies something needs to change here, because this just isn’t a fair tournament at all. For 95% of the player-base it’s not even worth competing in, but yet we have no choice, which leads to me my first point.

Tournaments should be 'OPT-IN’
Not everyone want’s to compete, not everyone CAN compete anyway, lets at least have a choice about it. Secondly, and my main point:

Tournaments should be flat-levelled, i.e. all dinos entering tourney battles should be set to say L26 for the duration like ‘friendly’ battles.
This will give ‘everyone’ a fair crack of the whip for being the best (like no one ever was), rather than only for those with deep pockets and a lot of time (to grind against bots) on their hands. This will open up more types of dinosaurs to be used, not just the top line of legendaries/uniques every time. It will allow more people to compete and stand a chance of getting somewhere. If it’s to be a fair tournament it needs to be a level playing field. I’ve made this point before about competitive battling in Pokémon (main series) all contestants 'mon are flat levelled either to L50 or rounded up to L100. There is no level disparity. This makes for much more fair and skill-based battles where no one is excluded and anyone can compete if they wish.


Agree it should be opt in. Or more importantly opt out. You know how everyone has stopped battling now for fear of dropping down and losing rewards. That was me A WEEK AGO! Stupid I know, would have been great to opt out and collect incubators for the week.
If the tournament is straight leveled 26 (or 30 doesn’t matter) people don’t need to buy incubators to level their Dino’s that are close to leveling up and could win them battles. I’m F2P but I get this is a business and they need to make money and I’m lucky to have them working so I can play for free.
I think they should also include a straight leveled competition but not solely. Mix things up.
Also believe 3 weeks is probably too long for this type of thing 1 week would have been sufficient.
Just my 10c


I also support opt-out option. Battling for 3 weeks just for an epic incubator is a waste of time.


Also in a tournament, we should be able to pick our four dinos instead of getting them randomly.


I agree with opt in facility, but totally disagree with the flat levelling. Whether people pay or just grind more to get higher level dinos, they should never be disadvantaged because in all fairness, they worked hard or spent a lot to get there and they deserve to be rewarded. P.s. I didn’t even make 4250 trophies so my dinos are low leveled.


It seems that Ludia have addressed some of the issues but unfortunately the tournament system remains fundamentally broken. If your Arena Trophies are higher than a certain level you will still receive rewards accordingly even if you didn’t battle much, or camped out at the sweet-spot (4800-4900 trophies). This isn’t competing, it’s still not even a tournament so I would like to make the following suggestions to improve the situation.

Tournaments need to be totally separate from Arenas
A total rework of tournaments is required where ranks need to be based on ‘sliding-scales’ not Arena trophies. This current system does not work, so a new tournament ranking system needs to be developed totally independent of the Arenas. With a sliding-scale if you don’t battle your rank decreases, and those who actively play can increase their rank and win rewards for their effort.

Use any unlocked creature
Along with flat-levelling you should be able to build a Tournament Team from any of the dinosaurs that you’ve unlocked. These should all be set to the ‘Competitive Level’ of L26 for a fairer, more varied, and fun battles. Then Tournaments will depend more upon your skills at team-building and battle-strategy than spending lots of $$$ to over-level creatures (like people have done so far for the Arena). You shouldn’t be allowed to pay-to-win tournaments. But more than that we have some fantastic creatures with brilliant move-sets that otherwise we will never get to see much less play.


This is a fun idea but what would be nice is that not all tournaments had the same rules. Have one like this then have one where level matters then have one where you can pick your team doesn’t matter just mix it up keep things fresh.

Good points! Second both!

I think the folks who play hard, put in the time (yes, and money) and dedication into raising a high-level team of top creatures should be winning tournaments. They earned it. I do not believe that should be “leveled out” so ‘everyone has a fair chance.’ Let the big dogs run!

However, from what I read on here many of the users do not enjoy the tournaments. My team is not high enough to make 4500 much less hope to stay there. I do not put in the time required to gather the needed DNA to come close to even creating some of those creatures. I do not feel this entitles me to have any chance at competing with the big dogs.

I do not personally like the tournament ‘fallout’. This is where folks are reset to lower trophies and are battling way below their trophy level. Sheesh, it makes trying to get an incubator extremely frustrating to say the least. But it does add an element of competition to the game and can drive folks to strive for better teams. This is a good thing for most users and one of the reasons most people play, to get a stronger team and pit them in battle.

The trophy reset is required as most users would not be able to climb in trophies fast enough to catch the top players. They need that beginning handicap. But the cream still rises to the top faster than the sediment settles. This is what needs to be addressed.

I would think shorter tournaments would cut the amount of pain we lower users feel. A week-long tournament perhaps. Due to people being all round the world and not everyone having a Monday to Friday employment, the tournament needs to have at least a week-long cycle so everyone can have a chance to play for a position. That gives most users at least two days to pound out battles for position. Someone interested should be willing to dedicate that much time to it. Players would rise faster due to playing more in a shorter time period and even if they do not, those of us at the lower end of the scale would only endure one week of pain.

I think it was gracious of Ludia to offer a ‘prize’ to players down to 2500 trophies. Think of it as a consolation for having to put up with getting bashed by displaced higher-level teams. Sure, we would all like it to be larger, but at least it is something.

For the opt in aspect. Yes, I would love to see this! I do not know how large the user base is and if this would be possible. We know the users at the higher end of the spectrum currently have very long wait times to find an opponent. Cutting down on the pool of available opponents would increase these times. Battling AI does not give a true tournament result as they are easier to defeat than an irrational thinking human. If the user base puts on their thinking caps I believe we can come up with some useful suggestions on this.


I think you’re missing the point of a tournament. A tournament is to find a CHAMPION (and runners up) from the masses, it should be based upon players skill levels at ‘competitive battling’, NOT how much time/money people have put in to buy their way to the top! How is that fair, it’s not even a tournament.

This is why I’m advocating a ‘separate’ tournament system from the arena system - people can still put in as much time/money as they like to be in the top the Arenas or whatever floats their boat. In a tournament it should be played by other rules ‘competitive battling rules’ and that requires everyone have the same levels with at least similar chances to compete (not everyone will unlock everything) And if anyone wanted to use the same team that they’ve been paying/grinding for then so-be-it they can chose those creatures. If you saw how it was in national/international competitive Pokémon VGC battling you’d understand what I mean.

Building upon this some more I would also like to see a separate ‘Tournament Team’ slot, as well as an ‘Arena Team’ slot (also another ‘Strike Team’ slot would also be very good).This game could be so much more…


I totally agree there…I also believe in the opt out choice…am just trying to get incubators…

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I don’t necessarily agree with choosing your team of 4 because it would only be time before people developed near unbeatable combos. If your team is similarly levelled and you have creatures that work well together it doesn’t really matter so much about which ‘specific’ creatures you use to battle, the trick is building a team that is dynamic enough to work without 2 certain creatures being chosen.

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Where to sign for these suggestions?I totally agree with them.

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Give it a like and see if Ludia notices I guess :roll_eyes: at the end of the day it’s their game and they’ll develop it the way they want to, whether they listen to their player-base or not is anyone’s guess. This is all largely academic but it’s good to hear peoples ideas and suggestions on how to improve what already is a great game (with so much more potential).

I wish i give it more likes. Btw there must be the two tournaments(arena tournament as it is,equal lvl dinos tournament) as you mentioned.But i would like to see a championship tournament.At the beginning the game will randomly choose 50 players and put them in the same championship board,it will choose them depending their trophy range and it will last 2 weeks.There will be only 50 games and starting at zero points.The games will be 50 and you gain the trophies as you battle the arena .So there will be competition between players in the same championship and they all have the same amount of games to play.

Things I would like to see in future tournaments…

  1. An Opt Out. Not everyone wants to partake. Casual players shouldn’t be competitive and/or P2W opponents just because they have to play Arenas.

  2. Equal Footing. If friend vs friend battles can be set to level 26 then lets do the same for tournaments. That way it is about skill and everyone has an equal footing. Then it’s a test of skill.

  3. Themed Events. Let’s see tournaments where we can only use certain types. Maybe it’s just herbivores, sauropods, carnivores, pterosaurs or only dinosaurs of a specific rarity - common only tournaments! This would be fun and make gathering different dinosaurs more worthwhile.

  4. Shorter Tournaments. I think tournament #3 was just ten days if I remember right. That is about the right duration. Three week or month long events are too long and are a contribution to less competitive players getting repeatedly smashed by poor match ups.


This is the whole concept of this game: Spend money and buy positive feelings. Will no way be changed.

Ahh yes, I keep forgetting about the life is not fair folks, everyone needs to be equal.

Two tournament levels then. One for the dedicated ‘high rollers’ so their hard work and efforts can pay off. And a second ‘fair’ tournament where everyone is on an equal footing as far as battle components. Those same ‘high rollers’ should be allowed to enter both tournaments also, that would only be fair. This solution should be acceptable.

But the rewards should not be ‘equal’ for placing in either tournament. Users who have supported the company and put in more effort to the game should be rewarded at a higher level than f2p who simply enjoy the game. I would hope we can agree on that.

I am at 4200 trophies and have no dog in this fight. Given a choice, I would not even enter a ‘fair’, level playing field tournament. I just enjoy walking the park darting invisible critters and battling for incubators.


The “high rollers” would still have some advantage in a level battle. Those that have put the time and money into the game will have more of the “better” legendary and unique dinosaurs available to put into battle than lower level players that have not unlocked them yet.


Very true. So the only way to make it completely ‘fair’ is to let everyone use any dino even if they have not unlocked it, and for them to all be at the same level.

Well, not true. Then it would be unfair because the folks that have unlocked them would have had time to battle with them and know their moves better so would have an unfair advantage.

Quite the dilemma to make it an absolutely fair, level playing field.