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Tournaments should be 'flat levelled'

Players should only have access to the dinosaurs they’ve unlocked. Part of any competition is practice, knowledge of your sport, and your equipment. Guidelines are set on the equipment to keep one player from being overly advantaged but does not guarantee a player access to the best or exact same equipment as their opponents. In this game the dinosaurs are your equipment, knowing your dinosaurs moves is your knowledge, and knowing how to use your team, their moves, and anticipating/reading your opponent is your skills. The equalizing of the levels would be setting a guideline so players are using similar equipment meaning a players have to rely more on knowledge and skills.

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Yes absolutely, I never said everyone should have immediate access to all creatures as Wwwoodchuck suggested, just what players have managed to unlock. It’s something of an achievement in itself when unlocking a dinosaur, it’s only fair that you get to enjoy playing with it on a level playing field (more than just friendlies).

Sure, if that makes you happy go for it :grin:

I don’t understand what you mean? I’m F2P since launch, I’ve darted everything, won (nearly) every strike event (for cash), spun every stop I can. In that time I have build a well rounded balanced team, which today I’m proud to say has reached the dizzy heights of 4400. I have no Indos, I have no subscription, but I have developed a winning strategy and a team completely based upon beating the Indo (RNG) meta-threat, and if you saw my team you would laugh. So really there’s plenty of dogs for the fight.

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Opt-in: yeah do this im with you

Equal level: Hell nooo. We never should punish the hard work (and money spend) some people spend ingame.
Tournaments are never “equal”.
If everything is equal, then i would be a football, basketball and olympia profi. But im not. I have no time for training all this things equal. (Not even skilled enought hehe.)

We cant change the RNG factor in JWA.
You can go for a less RNG based team, but you always have at least a 5% crit chance.

Perhaps the tournament should be braket based (0-2500, 2051-4000, 4001- open end.)
With higher rewards in upper brakets?

Sorry just my nonsens.


before flat leveling they must fix the turn issue for same speed dinos. i suggest making 2 teams that you are randomly put on once the battle starts and the visitor team either goes first or second.

It is a colloquial American expression: It means I am too low in trophies and not in running for any of the top prizes so it does not affect me.

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I am very much in support of an option to opt out of tournaments. I would much rather continue to play for incubators than having to maintain an arbitrary number of trophies for one incubator at the end of a set time period. Maybe it’s just tournament fatigue.

I kind of avoid the arenas until the tournaments are over anyway. Aside from getting mauled in the arena and remembering that there’s a tournament going on.

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I also like the flat LVL tournament idea because it gives players an even playing ground with spoofers and would help stop camping for rewards


I think flat-leveling everything is a bad choice.
Its like saying: “Hey mr. Federer, you cant hit a tennis ball over 100 km/h anymore cause it wouldnt be fair to your opponent who cant do that.”

Next thing would be to set max playtime at 2 hours daily, because peopke have jobs and they cant keep up with others which isnt fair…

And yes, since developpers need to earn money, people that spend have an advantage.
Its still possible to hit the top 50 free to play if you max your coins daily and dont waste it.


I would like to see multiple tournaments all running at the same time. Different requirements for each one. Say only epics or rares or commons. Along with the usual pvp. Also could have a equal lvl tournament as well. TBH the current system is becoming dull. Just a repeating process every season. Multiple tournaments would allow everyone a chance to compete for a top prize. And would add more variety. Useless Dino’s would become relevant.



For the tournaments, everything is at a level that has been WORKED FOR, but you are able to choose the four dinosaurs you want to use, and it’s entirely an opt-in/opt-out event that gives worthwhile rewards for partaking.

Then there’s the arena, which is flat-leveled and gives you the incubator system we currently have, with the odd thematic change (maybe one theme is commons-only, and everyone is flat-leveled to level 1, then the next one is epics-only, flat-leveled to 11, etc).

Regardless, both the competitive people and the casual people get to do battle, both get some form of reward, and everyone keeps playing.

I’m not for equal footing, but I am for resetting to zero all trophies for those that opt in. After that, run what you brung… but separate arenas for tournament and regular arena, with no crossover high level players hitting players well beneath that chose not to opt in.

It’s a race to the finish, you don’t let last years winners get a huge head start on the rest of the pack…

I would like to see what Poke Fodder did suggest in one of his videos: highest trophy count during the tournament counts for every player (so even if you reach like 5k trophies and fall down to 4,5k - you would get the rewards based on your highest amount of trophies) This would stop people from sitting out the last few days of the tournament in fear of losing trophies and you could really push all the way.


Tournament should be competitive and separated from battling for incubators. I would like to see knock-out system, where players would join according to their last trophies count. LB players should join in later stages. It would be best of 3 format. Can be best of 5 from quaterfinals.

Hell no to flat leveling. Firstly speed ties are nightmare. Second, you can’t get a tournament winner if everybody uses same lvl dinos.


Really? Seriously? You’ve gotta be kidding right. I wonder where I went so wrong lol :rofl:
There certainly aren’t any F2P players at those sort of ranks. But this shouldn’t just be a game for those who pay, competative battling should be about having a fair chance for all who put the time in.


This statement is complete nonsense, of course you’ll still have a winner and runners up (but based on skill not how much money someone’s poured into the game). Duh!

If people have spent a lot money, sure let them be at the top of the Arenas, whatever floats your boat, they’ve paid for it. But give us a separate, more balanced and fair tournament system so we can really find out whos the very best like no one ever was.


I can’t remember any game that would have fair competitions for everyone, no matter how much money they spent. In the end is all about money everywhere.

Having flat leveled dinos mean that you intentionally handicap players who spent time and money to be the best. How is that fair?

Also until they fix speed ties, I really don’t want to have flat leveled tournament. At that point JWA is same as PoGo, nonsenense of tap tap tap.

There should be 4 flat tournaments: lvl15, lvl20, lvl25, lvl30. Each tournament has separate prizes. Everyone can start in all tournaments.

you get forum spammed by people pissed of cause they lost cause of speed ties. In lower arenas speed ties of same dinos are rare, while at top they are everyday reality. Many people don’t know how speed ties works and/or have no intention to tap mindlesly to start first.

Also read here on forum that whoever is closer to Ludia servers start first. So just give the prize to US/Canada players.

I have said in the past that supplemental “flat leveled” tourneys would be a good thing to keep participation moving. For the reasons discussed in this thread the competitive tourney should and will always be a thing also. We can have both.

Side note, I think a flat leveled tourney would get very boring very quickly for a lot of people.


The issue isn’t that people have spent money to have the best dinosaurs. If that is what competition means to be the best then so be it. The real issue is that the casual players who are not at the top end of the Arena circuit shouldn’t be playing opposing teams made up of those dinosaurs until they get there. We’re getting curpstomped when we should be playing opponents of our own levels/abilities.