Tournaments Should be Team verses Team (TvT)

Since the weekend tournaments earn rewards for our alliances, then these tournaments should be team verses Team (TvT). I mean all the creatures are set for team play.

TvT can be both teams of random players from different alliances or teams formed by alliances themselves.

When you go into the tournament section, you can either join a random team or create a team to battle other random or created teams. I think the more organized alliances would love this as they could plan their teams with each player having a specific type creatures. Damagers, healers, buffers and debuffer/shielders.

This will be the same as PvP. You pick 8 creatures you want to use and when you go into battle, you get the usual random pick of 4. If you want to be the team healer, you need to have as many healers in your 8 slots as you can grow. (Tuora, 3 Para’s, Baja, both Edmontos, either Dilo, even Tenontorex)

Ludia could set the creatures the way they are now with the all level 26 or actual levels, with and without boosts, non hybrids, hybrids and different rarities.

If your team wins, you win points for your alliance. Also in order to make it so that no match is a total loss, some points could be given for takedowns so the losing team players don’t feel these longer raid like battles are a total loss. Ludia could also make it so teams created with all members in one alliance gets bonus points in order to encourage alliances to form teams of their own players, say 25% more points for takedowns and wins.

The point of this is to get alliances to play together, which will help form relationships and bonds, possibly keeping players from alliance jumping so easily. It may even lead to players playing longer and building a more variety of creatures for group play. This would be a win for Ludia.


sort of sounds like btd6