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Tournaments the best part of the game?

Anyone else really enjoy the tournaments. I know I do. My favorite time is when it’s a really good tournament that everyone can participate in. As in all level 26, no boosts, and great prizes. I love this because I can battle against AI and get my incubators without having to deal with the toxic arena


i find these kinds of tournaments to be the best. I get to try out dinos that i just created, and even revisit some older ones to see how they compare currently. its a friendly battle style, and i get actual rewards from it. these tournaments can also really show you what people play most and you get an look as to why. (whether it is OP, or just fits in the niche it’s meant to.)


At first, I thought you were talking about the main tournament aka arena battles lol. Yes anything other than than the main is great


I kind of love/hate tournaments. On the one hand it’s so refreshing to be able to play a battle mode that isn’t nothing but pain and frustration. On the other hand by being good they remind me of the potential this game has and how badly Ludia consistently mess it up. Also while I look forward to tournaments every week there’s nothing more disappointing to me than seeing no flat level (ie; just more of arena), only commons (nothing but dracorex g2), or Legendaries allowed (the rat and indo g2 everywhere).

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I’ve never tried a tournament because you have to pay. But no boost and equal level dinos where skill is the deciding factor sounds interesting and fair.

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I like the tournaments myself, but I feel the tournaments where boosts and creature levels are allowed, the match making needs to be improved. During the last tournament I was constantly being paired with players that were much lower than I was (I’m sorry) or much higher than I was (level 27-30 and boosted). Most of my legendaries are around the 20 range and all my creatures are boost free. :confounded:

Despite that, I look forward to participating in more tournaments in the future even if I land towards the bottom of the leaderboard. :slightly_smiling_face: