Tournaments unfair for semi-new players


it’s come to my attention that tournament is not meant for semi-new players.
when tournaments are held with standardized levels, half of the “skill” the usual higher ranked players have seems to have disappeared. yet everytime a tournament has no set level newer guys get absolutely rekted even at lower brackets.

example from my own experience. last tournament i got up to top 5k players. not too high, but not horrible. but now with the levels you have gathered yourself i barely get out of the participation bracket cause i get matched up with dudes who have lvl 26+ fully boosted dino’s.

God forbid a newer player reaching top brackets.

i know people will be like “well, they have worked hard for them”. but it’s a disgusting feeling knowing you played way better only for them to win cause they outlvl you by ten levels.

thnx for reading my rant (excuse my horrible english)

define “semi-new”

Well, that’s kinda the point. It’s called an “advantage” tournament. People with better creatures and a longer play time will do better


most my dino’s are in the range of sixteen to eighteen

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where does it say “advantage” tournament. you already have normal ladder competition for older players to show their swag.

tournament should be based on skill, not playtime.

That’s what skill tournaments are for. There are 2 types. Skill tournaments are the 1st, 3rd, and the occasional 5th weekend of a championship while advantage is the 2nd and 4th. They used to be called that. Both should exist, as people who wanna level up creatures like sino for fun will have a return on said investment


i can see your point, but i still disagree with it.

imo tournaments should be solely skillbased.

And fast internet.


I mean, there has to be an obvious advantage in an advantage tourney (speed ties don’t count)

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It is all about money… They needed an excuse to sell more boosts, so they came with this idea in order to make people buy more boosts. Now the whales will have their arena team fully boosted and a team of rares, rares hybrids, epics and epic hybrids fully boosted as well. Why do you think there are always boosts sale on advantage tourney weekend?

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Totally agree with you. Tournaments should be skill based only!
I don’t know who thought about it in Ludia but it’s pretty damn obvious the company is trying to sell more when they do advantage tournaments.

In my opinion, if they want advantage tournaments then it should be with fairly given boosts to all players for tournament purposes (that will reset with every tournament). There are 8 creatures to choose so it can be between 120-240 (or whatever) total boosts to apply, letting the player choose his favorite creatures (the ones that are allowed) to apply those boosts.

This way it’ll still be an advantage tournament but with a fair chance, as a player can apply boosts on the wrong creature (or not much on the right creature), making his opponent a bit stronger, fairly win and most importantly having fun, unlike with nowadays situation that frustrates all lower level players and eventually making them feel the game isn’t fun at all.


There should not be any tournament that is determined by location and pure luck. “Skill” tournaments are a joke to me. Not fun. Not a test of Skill. Get lucky and you win.

You need both types to cater to both sides of the playerbase. Though they should abolish the idea of weekly tournaments and just have Raids daily instead. PvP in this game is already out of hand.

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I’m end game and advantage tournaments are unfair

These tournaments are not meant for you. These tournaments are meant to give players who have, a chance to user their leveled dinos. Skill tournaments exist for players like you to earn points for your alliance and rewards for yourself. You need to understand not every aspect of the game will cater to you. You often need to work to get the best rewards.


I mean thats kinda the point of these tournaments…

They aren’t just gonna give a new player 30k exclusive epic DNA

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So they rather give Massive dna to old players who already have Maxeda dino’s but are horrible when it Coles to strategy.
Than to give new players more DNA cause they outplay the old ones when they are on an even playfield


It’s been like that for a while. My main gripe with “advantage” tournaments is that they cater to a much narrower portion of the playerbase be it: end game players with enough leftovers resources to spend on tourney dinos or regular players who happen to use tourney dinos in their actual roster, that’s it.

For me, i’d rather face the occasional speed tie (I hate them too) than knowing for sure that i’m doomed right from the gate when my 15 indom g2 faces a 30 max boosted sarco.

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Define endgame.
If you have everything boosted and at L30, I would imagine the tournaments are going to be pretty fun.
Endgame means different things to different players.

Some players don’t boost their arena team. They focus on tournaments, and work hard to build monsters for these weekends.
This game has longevity because there are different ways to play.

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Look at all the skill tourneys, ever see any lower level players in the top 100? No

It’s for balancing issues, they can’t just go out giving tons of exclusive dna to lower levels because that would destroy the arena. It also gives an incentive to work towards creatures that aren’t normally usable in the arena

I’m normally all for making the game more accessible… but this request is just silly. First skill tournaments favor people with non game related stuff like phone speed, internet speed and of course physical location to Ludias servers so speed ties are trash anyone asking for more speed ties is probably benefiting from the current system. Just like people with leveled and boosted Dino’s benefit from advantage tournaments. Considering they are normally split over a month that’s about as fair as it gets here.

On a side note I remember when we didn’t have tournaments just a season that we had to walk uphill in the snow for three months… and at the end most got a rare or epic incubator… and we had to wait a week just to get the rewards. Then “Blue” gives your rewards to someone else and you gotta wait even longer.

Now we’re complaining the weekend tournament isn’t “for us” two times a month.

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