Tournaments with categories


There should be different categories for tournaments. For example, a tournament for dinosaurs levels 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16+. This would allow for the tournament to be more leveled and for us to be able to use all dinosaurs we have and not just the most powerful ones.

Dinosaurs should also be able to gain experience with battle and evolve that way.


Is it fair to match L26 Common dino with L26 Unique dino…?


Maybe they could also divide the dinos into their different rarities as well. That way you get commons vs. commons, rares vs. rares etc.


Is it fair to match a lv26 unique dino with a lv15 rare?


I’ve said quite a few times on these forums that each Arena level should only allow dinosaurs of a certain level bracket. The tournaments would work fine if that was used.


I would like to be able to use all of my dinosaurs, but won’t because some aren’t powerful enough to keep them on my lineup


I actually had a tourney idea where everyone has an option to participate, and if they do so, they are reset to zero trophies, and when you are in a certain arena, it adjusts your dinosaurs to a certain level.(even if it’s below starting level say a level 9 legend)

I might just want to see a level 5 Indoraptor.


What an awful idea


I think you need to justify this as well since you’re the one that makes suggestion - dinos matched against level - NOT against rarity…


You’re the one that asked if it was fair to match 2 dinosaurs with the same level. I think it’s fair game to have them be matched by level. It’s unfair when a lv 15 fights a lv 25. But hey, those with stronger dinosaurs should win the tournaments. I just think there should be lower tier tournaments for those of us that suck


Look again at your proposition. The first one. Dinos matched against level. You did not mention that it should be matched against level and rarity. Just level.

That was the reason I asked whether is it fair to match dinos with the same level but different rarity i.e. Unique vs. Common, Rare vs. Legendary, etc.

Lesson learnt: be very clear when making suggestions and be careful what you wish for.

I so agree on your last suggestion i.e. different tournaments for different player levels. For instance, rewards for top players in different arenas… :blush:…


My earlier comment was removed - no insult nothing.

Anyhows, everybody need to admit; if your dinos are weak, make them strong. Good team wins you games. Excellent teams wins you tournament.

Poor team wins you nothing.

So good luck.


Level brackets for dinosaurs in Arenas is still fairer than what we have the moment. There is no magic bullet to properly fix all this I don’t though just small suggestions to make things better.