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Tournaments with mods?

I saw a comment about a trade harbor strategy that suggests emptying your market, including all mods so that you can get better trades. This seems like a great strategy specially since the mod pvp rewards are great (I got a super rare hybrid today).

But then I read some one mention the possibility of tournaments that use mods. Is this a thing? Seems like they would be very expensive.

We had a couple of mod tournaments after they introduced them but it’s been a while now. I do not know why they are so rare, I kinda like them. Although they are very time consuming.


Assuming you need 1200 points for a dom finish and get 40 points every battle, you’ll need to win 30 battles. Which means you’ll need 90 mods.

If you aren’t saving 100+ mods, don’t worry about saving them for a tournament.

And depending on what your creature lineup looks like you might be able to get away with using common MODs in a tournament and if you coin production is good enough along with your DB production / stash then MODs are not a problem to come by when needed.

So yes they are a thing and depending on your park layout and production levels they are not something to be feared since you can account for them when they come around (rarely as it seems).

My data tells me the last mod tournament took place on December, 13th 2019 for Gigantophis.


Just think about this: You can earn like at least 1k bucks per day more with a cleaned market than with a uncleaned. Like Timmah sayed you would need like 100 mods for a Dominator finish. Even if you had to buy ALL the mods with bucks, you would just have to do the cleaned market strategy for two days, because 1 mod costs 10 bucks.

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It does also help if you have strong lineups. The main issue with the modded tournaments is the frequency of the overpowered SR mods, and legendary mods like Toxin and Survival. You get them ALL the time in the modded tournaments and with the big influx of mods, it’s a lot harder to get Nullify, Inspire, Terrify, etc. on your wheel spins. I often have to try 8-10 times to get a single Inspire these days. So I was only willing to risk doing a mod tournament without a stash of mods once I felt I had enough numbers to deal with some losses due to bad mod matchups, and stronger creatures as well that can better handle some of these mods with only commons or rare mods to counter them. Along with a strong DB stash (I try to keep it above 20K at all times).

We got a bunch of modded tournaments when mods first came up but thankfully they do seem to have backed off of the frequency, most players did not really seem to like them very much… not just for what you have to deal with from the AI, but also how SLOWWWWWW modded battles tend to run. Tournaments are already tedious enough for most of us.


Oh, how slow. In the code 19 break, I did a lot of modded battles. Oh how slow it is to watch everything start.

That alone might keep me from even bothering with a mod tournament.