Tourney 2, day 1: report


I started the dat at 4300 trophies. After spending the day battling, hunting, upgrading and finally battling again, i ended the day at about 4350. Lol.

Team i used:

Really liking the bird.

How was your first day?


4350 for your team? damn… i’m at 4250 and my team is a good 5 lvls lower

stegod lvl 21
tryo lvl 20
iraptor just unlocked

and enough coin for only 1 level up


I started out at a out 3200 in Sorna Marshes and lost all but one match. I’m now right back down in Lockdown.


I started around 4700 and got to 4867 so far. I just created Diloracheirus and Utarinex a couple hours ago, so I’ve been having fun testing them out. They’re the first unique dinos I’ve created.


@wrothgar what a dedication! :+1:

I am not even in Jurassic Ruins, but the few battles I did, starting from 3.7xx and now I have 3.677 trophies. Could have been worse. :wink:


I have seen several grumbles but I must say my personal experience has been pretty good with no really wild mis-matches - the one that was probably the worst I actually won through a combo of luck and bad tactics on their side; I kept thinking “I’m dead they are going to use xyz” and they didn’t. Seeing quite a mixed bag in terms of creatures on the teams - lots of Alankylosaurus. Started at 4010 and am yo-yoing around 4100 at the moment. Hoping to unlock Monomimus before the end of the tournament; on 160/200 but need more Monolophosaurus. First battle incubator I got after the reset was a 24 hour :rofl:


I star from 3024 and climb to 3126, thanx to rng by stegoceratop. :rofl::rofl:
I hope i will stay at sorna to collect some Trex if i m lucky enough haha


Strange, my 1st incubator was also a 24hr…


Apparently they follow a definite pattern so just a coincidence - did make me smile though