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Tourney are pay to win

Why are half the tournaments fair (all creatures level 26; no boosts) and half essentially “pay to win?”

The upcoming statboost tourney, for example. Obviously those with higher level creatures and many boosts have a HUGE advantage … which means they are most likely to win, which means they increase their boosts even more for the next unfair tourney.

We already have a pay to win “ladder” aka the public battle grounds. Would be really cool
if the tourneys were only about skill and not how much cash you’ve put into the game.

Love this game, but this is the type of thing that makes me lose interest.

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You mean the dna tournament, right? The boost one is a skill tournament. It’s the ones that reward DNA that are advantage tournaments.


Without advantage tournaments, the people with already max boosted pvp teams would have no reason to buy boosts and therefore spend money, cutting Ludia’s income. Also as someone who has an almost 30 team & max boosted it gives me other creatures to work on levelling. If I didn’t have something to aim for I would probably loose interest. Btw though not completly FTP I spend very little and have multiple boosts on tournament creatures.

Would also argue skill tournaments are not fair either. Too many speed ties which come down to where you live and the speed of your connection/device


Advantage tournaments are there to appease the long term players, not just pay to win players.

Even if they were for pay to win, what’s wrong with that?
No pay, no game, or no further development and a shed load of adverts between every game.

I’ve been playing since the game came out, and don’t spend much at all now. But I have bought the level up offers etc in the past. Now I just buy the care bundle once a month.


Again, the battlegrounds that you fight in every day are already one big advantage tournament.

The 4 tournies each round contribute to the alliance rank as well … so even alliance rank is pay to play.

You will lose the interest of newer players which is actually how you keep a game going “long term.”

As for “ties due to internet speeds” people have been dealing with advantages/disadvantages of internet speed since the inception of online gaming. That will never change.

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its to give veterans a reason to play, plus the boosts reward one is level 26, allowing you to get more boosts and the coin one is too, the only one that isn’t is dna,

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i have a level 15 team of epics for tourneys except for a few 20’s and can get 1,000 trophies which is 2,000 aliance points, it is based on if you grind or not

a good portion of the player base would probably loose interest and fade off without something to work towards. that will have drastic effects on matchmaking; even more so than what Shores did.

I bought boosts in their first iteration (with HC earned) and over the course of playing since then i’ve amassed a sizeable chunk. not enough to go max boost 15 lv 30 creatures, but a nice chunk to spread around. now, there’s many players above me who have maxed out teams in the PVP with potential to have 8 back ups if they wanted. if tournaments were all skill based why would those teams stick around? there’s no goal to go after. you hop on and raid a couple times a day and then there’s nothing else.

advantage tournaments aren’t really pay to win. They favor the veterans of the game who’ve been able to level and acquire boosts over a long time. Skill torunaments are for everyone as you only need to unlock the creature to compete on an even playing field. and any player that has a team to compete has the potential to be on top.


Not really. These advantage tournaments allow you to use certain creatures you normally wouldn’t like gitaffititan. It isn’t always “pay to win”. I haven’t spent a cent and have a sizable team of nonhybrids waiting for the last tournament of the month

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I am top 2k sometimes 500 in the “ fair” tourneys. Can’t even crack top 20k in the boost ones which proves they are non competitive and based on stats purchased

just out of curiosity, what lv is your team for tournaments?

Half the time my team is outclassed and I have to play smart. The last rare advantage tournament, I was using my 26 scaph to take down 30 boosted suchotators, and that was fun. I grinded for a bigger scaph, and it paid off a lot 2 weeks ago

Imma be honest, it’s called an advantage tournament for a reason


Then it shouldn’t be part of the alliance tier gains. It just keeps the older alliances with longer tenured members at the top and give no space for the newer ones.

Even if it’s “just dna” that perpetuates a cycle where the haves continue to have the have nots continue to have not.

I like challenge in my game. Not just mindlessly clicking buttons because I have more boosts.

You can chart and see the “online players” for this game continuously dropping and stuff like this is why =]

Pay to win is not a good business model for sustainability. Pretty soon this game will be as unpopular as Pokémon Go which now only retains a diehard “Pokenerd” base. Pretty soon this game will only be for people utterly obsessed with Jurassic Park

first it was advantage tournaments were “pay to win” because you could purchase coins and incubators.
Now it’s “pay to win” because of boosts.

its a type of advantage than anyone can have. either by choosing to work on advantage teams, forgoing a better arena ranking; grinding to get the boosts via the many options the game provides to acquire them; or paying for them.
Just because boosts are allowed does not mean advantage tournaments are necessarily pay to win.

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Yes, it should. If everything was skill based, then an alliance where everyone just made it to badlands can now get a tier 10 reward and unlock something crazy like tenontorex. This keeps a balance as well as allows players to choose if they should level the hybrid or the creature being featured and gives us a choice as each has their pros and cons


Again, you are missing or ignoring the points being presented. People near the beginning of the game have many things to keep them interested still. Players at mid-game are motivated and devoted towards grinding and fine tuning their team. Players at endgame need something to motivate them to work on weaker creatures. Try harder or don’t, that’s a personal issue, not a game flaw needing remedy.


This game is not about instant gratification, is it?
The players running around the top 250 have spent countless hours grinding for the dna.
Spinning for coins to level them. We all still had to dart them!

It’s reward for the work put in. If a L3 player could rock up with a bit of skill and kick us down, where is the incentive to play long term?

The players who are boosting tournament dinos are often doing this at the expense of a boosted arena team.
Yes, really.
Boost styles are an art in tournaments. Some high advantage players don’t use them much.
If you engage in it, it’s a lot of fun.

it’s just an option.
Don’t like it, don’t do it.

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HAH! Hard work? All the things you say people are working hard for can be purchased aka pay to win.

And judging from the skills of people I fight in the arena, and even this “pay to win” tourney (I’m top 1000 right now with almost zero stat boost and my highest dino is a lvl 18 meiolania), people are absolutely buying their skills.