Tourney countdown


One week left in the tournament!!
I’m playin it slow and steady til the last couple days.
How is everyone doing?
What’s your strategy?
Are you higher in the ranks than before the tourney, lower, about the same?


I’m about in the same spot as before (around 3700), even with unlocking some new legendary dinos. Just hoping to claw my way to 4000 before tournament end.


Barely managed to get to 3500. Unless there’s a ANOTHER huge influx of coins from Strike Towers (I haven’t been able to get a single chest since the initial launch of treasure events), I won’t make it to even the bottom rung of 4K trophy participation reward.

I feel as though there’s a kind of ‘saturation point’, if you will, and many of us simply are constantly going to be out of range until we have a whole team around 20-22, if not higher.

I am well aware them’s the breaks and it’s not supposed to be easy but the diminutive progression rate due to coin starvation when we have an over-abundance of the required DNA to be “competitive” (I use that term loosely) is very frustrating.

As long as they don’t raise the bar for minimum trophy count for the next tournament, I HOPEFULLY can partake more seriously without feeling as though I’m just wasting my time.