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Tourney ends 2 hours earlier than normal

In my game, (and others) it shows the tourney ends in 13h 29m, which is 8 AM in my time zone. that’s worse for some players because of how early this ends. (especially me). Anyone could point this out to the team? pls :pleading_face:

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Not for me!


Yep same for me, it says 3:35hrs remaining which is 1pm UK time instead of 3pm.

Another week another problem.

maybe they are doing maintenance for the Grypo raid, I honestly think they should just do it after the normal time.

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So tournament ends in less than 30 minutes. So rip top 250 for me. Planned to battle last 2 hours.


I am exactly in the same situation. I used to take this couple of hours especially for final rush, I can’t defend my chances this time…

Same here, it just ended and says the results are being calculated.

Same and it’s better for me now at 8pm not 10pm

In game news still says 1hr 50mins to go …

Friday’s tournament starts an hour earlier than normal according to the timer …

Just take a look ingame. The tournament ends now instead of in 2 hours like it’s been the past months. Bug or intended?

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What I’m saying is that in game is inconsistent - the tournament is finished but the news page still has what the end time would normally be

Why is that better i’m curious? Do you make yourself keep fighting until the very last second?

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It ended already

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Yep same here stopped early. Frustrating as we had some not complete 10 yet that might have done. :confused:

normally the tournaments end at 10 am est. Bit this one ended earlier than expected preventing me, and others from being able to do a last minute grind. Why did you end the tournament so early

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Thats annoying, I got into the top 100, but probably could’ve made top 50. Sigh…

I only played at the beginning of the tournament ,then have been busy with my work. Had planned last 2 hrs push to get into top 100-250.Instead it said it ended. Not fair at all. No warning that it will end 2 hrs early.

Will there be any compensation for tournament fiasco? @E.D Many players didn’t get chance to try getting higher on rankings, as tournament ended 2 hours earlier without any reason. I was one win from top 250.


The timer clearly showed when the tournament was going to end, Ludia can’t be blamed for players not noticing. Its not like it ended before the timer ran out!