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Tourney ideas

Maybe have tourneys that only allow certain creature groups like creatures families 1&2 or 4&6 I think that would make people try use a lot of Dino’s other than the same 8 every epic tourney that they would normally use and mix things up a bit cuz I’m getting kinda tired of the same old tourneys repeats again and again

I had an article on this with boost skill tournaments and advantage tournaments without boosts. Then a tournament of all bleeders and an immune team

We don’t have enough immunes to make it interesting though lol everyone would have to use the same 8 Dinos plus lots of lower level players couldn’t participate since they might not even have a single immune as they are mostly legendary and up unless you include partial immunities as well

True, but it’s the theme kinda. Like a tournament of nonhybrids with immumities or a tournament of creatures that can cleanse