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Tourney Must-Haves and Must Nots | All E Tourney 10/23/20-10/26-20

Welcome back to another to episode. Today I’ll be focusing on this weekends All Epic Tourney, and I’m actually astonished at how much variety there is. I’ll go over the absolute must haves, but this tourney only has on dominator



The only must have this tourney, as just about everything is viable. This guy is the only “master of all” in this tourney, with stun, bulk, resilient, no escape, and one of the highest T1’s in game. It’s easy to see why it’s the top this go around



Can swap into and play 1v1 just about anything in this tourney. Enough said.


The best closer in game rn, can pack a real punch and swap punishes like a champ.


The newcomer this patch does pretty well in this tourney. It hit pretty hard, bodies most anything that isn’t resilient, and can even pick off lower HP creatures


I know that this may shock a lot of you, but the great team play and the swap prevention immunity makes it deadly in the right hands. I felt that this guy really deserved some recognition.

There are no must nots in this tourneys as there is nothing I’ve fought so far that really feels bad because the creature is bad.

That wraps up episode 2. If there is anything else you know or if you feel certain creatures should get some recognition, please don’t hesitate to let us know

nooooo! spoilers. :rofl:
Thanks for the list. I’ll have to build to counter those.

Spoilers? Oops :smiling_imp:

In all seriousness tho, I try to get these out about 6 hour after the start so that people can be Informed

I’d say woolly rhino is a must-have. Sarcorixis about to die to Indom G2 Mutual Fury after using Ferocious Impact? Swap to woolly rhino! I had one guy who apparently didn’t know woolly rhino had siss and brought it in later after i killed his sarcorixis with indom g2.

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I actually don’t see it nearly as much as rixis and it isn’t super detrimental if you do t have it

I’d still mention it tho. It’s a monster in the right hands

Also, where be must-nots?

The way the all epic meta is rn rly showed me that nothing was ever bad, just mediocre at best. When dimodactylus is getting mentioned, you know just about anything is relevant