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Tourney Participation Awareness

I know there are many changes to the game. But can we as an alliance see if a member actually made 10 takedowns. There should be an indicator or icon by a members name confirming they had 10 takedowns.

It should be easy to tell if someone did their 10 takedowns, mainly u just gotta keep an eye on their score, and if it has improved by +1000 from one tourney to the next then yes they most likely have

I understand that. But looking after 50 members all the time is monotonous. It would be effortless to check if there were an icon of completion.

I mean… I guess ludia could implement like… little beads next to or under the players name when looking at the tourney scores. Like for this tourney, there would be 4 little beads, and then once someone has done their 10 kills for this 1st round one bead could light up and be green or blue or something along the lines of that I guess


I’m sold! I like it

We have a spreadsheet that the officers keep updated. It’s pinned to our admin channel on Discord. It’s set to automatically turn the background color green once a member achieves a 10 kill bonus. Makes this very easy to manage!

Does the spreadsheet require time to input the data?

Yes. I’m not sure how it wouldn’t involve time haha. But only a few minutes here and there.