Tourney problem

It always crashes on the loading screen, not letting me do my battles. It’s happening to me more often so fix this please. Thx

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Hey @MrMemeZilla_198, We brought this to the teams attention and it is requested that everyone restart their devices, due to a change made earlier, and let us know if it persists.


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It’s still happening even if I restart my device

Thank you for updating us. We will let the team know. :t_rex:

Have been trying for an hour. All tournament battles timed out for me.

Hey @MrMemeZilla_198, for now, if you could contact support at with your support key, that would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @StormBreaker, thanks for letting us know this is still an issue for you. Please contact support here: with your support key please.

I am having this same problem my game just cannot find an opponent

Every other battle for me is timing out and I’ve restarted the game twice now.

I shan’t be contacting support because it’s pointless as Ludia is closed for the weekend.

As I said in my important message post - You guys need to sort this game out before it’s too late.

You used to be able to fix this by going in to a sanc and fiping stuff. Try that, maybe it’ll work

Opposite for me here. When tourney is active i usually get time outs in the arena. Not that it changes that lately arena tends to time out even more even when theres no tourney