Tourneys and Trophies

So as most of us know, winning a harder tourney match gets you more trophies, but is there a formula that can be used to calculate it? I think it could help us know exactly what we could run and if the reward is worth the battle

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Have you watched Sionsith’s videos? His tournament runs are a really good example of the average ferocity of teams you should be bringing to each tier to get 40 trophies. If you want a more guaranteed win then just go a bit higher than that and go for +35 or so. I believe Sionsith keeps track of every match he does, which tier it was at, what team he brought, how hard the match was, how many trophies he got, etc. You can do the same if you want to find out.

Roughly which tier are you interested in? I can probably give you rough estimates right now


I’m wondering how i could consistently get the 40 trophy wins, as I want to be able to win tourneys. I usually float around mid-low dom.

I believe Sionsith brings level 1 common - Diplosuchus level 30 - level 1 common to get 40 trophy wins in Dominator. You can calculate the ferocity yourself. Lately he’s started bringing a VIP 20 or Legendary 40 instead of that last common to go down to something like 34-36 trophies but guarantee a win.

Meanwhile, I’m bringing teams of average ferocity 2241, 2677, 2715, 2757, and 2810 into Dominator. I get 38 or more trophies per win with any of those teams. I’m pretty sure the 2241 team got me +40 this morning.

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Ferocity is 1x HP + 3.2x Attack, right?

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Yup, that’s right. Health + 3.2xAttack

This might sound odd, but I think there are two ways of looking at it once you get to a certain point in the game.

I can use strong line ups that net 30ish points per match. This gives me about a 100% win rate, let’s me keep the matches short, and then bring away.

Or I can use weaker Dino’s or the disposable/overpowered/disposable line up and net 35-36 points per match. The matches take more focus and have a maybe 80% win rate or so.

The bottom method gives more points but takes more time so it kinda balances out.

On the way up to dominator I just use level 40 legendaries (20pts/match) until I hit mid level predator at which point I use my dominator line up. Sure I can do more work for a few more points, or I can power through and hopefully spend less time using overpowered lines with near 100% win rate.

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I use fodder- L20 Diplosuchus or higher -fodder for Dominator and consistently get 40 trophy points. It is always handy to play with a calculator in your other hand to ensure that you don’t mess up, especially when facing an enemy dino that your strongest creature is weak against (e.g. in this case L30 Eudimorphodon)

Yeah, I’m at this point too. I just want the wins. (I use to use lots of L40 T-rex and less teams to brute force my way to the top of DOM until I got better dinos. Now I do monostego L5, Presto L20, Proc L20 and almost never lose unless I face several L40 VIP amphians or L5+ Indos, the Indos tend to be a 50-50 based on the other dinos for a win.)

I also always play to about 2000 trophies (by Friday night or Saturday morning) to get DNA. I do extra only for PvP daily requirements after that. Otherwise, I get burned out. I tend to finish around 2200 total.