Tower error

Hey Ludia this tower isnt supposed to be rewarding this

Only some rares for me too.

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All I got from that tower ……

No cash no dna just this after the 3rd and last strike

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Isnt the epic incubator rewarded after the 2nd battle ?

Yea i just noticed that but the icon is what needs to be changed

The epic tower is bugged. It rewards the incubator that should be given after the second battle once you have won the first battle. Then when you win the second battle, it rewards what you should have won for the third battle. Finally when you win the third battle, you get an empty incubator with only a title.

I make vid’s of some strikes and this was one of them. Watched the video back and indeed, first win no rewards, second win the incubator that should be the final reward and third just the title

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