Tower of fortune

This is my new feature The Tower Of Fortune

What is this tower of fortune

It’s simple go though each floor to collect epic rewards such as DNA, titles, badges, emotes, coins, cash, darts and boosts the higher the floor the better the rewards. There also jackpot floors 5 to 55 these jackpot floors contain only hybrid DNA (rare 70 percent, epics 45 percent, legendary 20 percent, uniques 5 percent) there will also be super jackpot floors 30 and 60 the only contain legendary and unique DNA

Special events

There will special events such as new creatures from new updates, premium incubators and special holiday incubators. The tower of fortune events will last for at least 1 or maybe 2 weeks

Crafty raptor

The tower of fortune will contain a deadly crafty raptor if choose crafty raptor it will steal half of your rewards but if the raptor will steal all of your rewards you will lose the tower of fortune

You can play the tower of fortune every 5 hours

happy playing @Ned can you send this idea


Feel free to add any comments or questions

Personally I like the idea

@Snake_Dude and @Mudkipz what do you think

I do think the game could a more robust a re-playable PVE option. I’m not sure about the Crafty Raptor because I don’t think it’s explained quite clearly enough to understand it’s function or intent as a mechanic, but the general principle of the Tower of Fortune seems like a good idea.

The one thing I can think of is that for high level players, going through the early levels would just be an annoying grind. It would be nice if you could just start at the level where you know you’re going to get a fun challenge - but then it’s just kinda like a normal strike tower. Ludia probably would also either make this something that you can do as much as you want (in which case the rewards probably aren’t worth it), or only once per day like most things in the game.


It’s simple if you chose crafty raptor it well steal half the number of your rewards and the raptor won’t stop stealing until it steals all of your rewards

Then why would you ever choose it? I guess it’s something where it just happens randomly?

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I would actually like this feature quite a bit in the game!

no the cards are flipped so you don’t know which is which

Ah ok. Is there any way to stop the raptor? There definitely should be - otherwise you basically randomly lose, which isn’t fun for the player at all.

well technically no but if you lose all rewards then you can pay cash to continue and keep your rewards

Yeah that’s pretty discouraging game design. If there’s a failure element incorporated into this, it needs to be in the player’s hands. Their failure must be the result of their lack or skill or a limitation of their team’s strength: not because they randomly picked the wrong card. Bad use of RNG.