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Tower proximity affects rewards


Does anyone have opinion or tested results to indicate of how close you are when you defeat a tower it will give you more DNA and also Better DNA. Earlier this week I defeated the epic tower practically on top of it and I will say I received exceptional DNA. But maybe it was a coincidence. I am holding off on today’s epic tower until I go out today so I can get very close to one and try this again. Appreciate anyone’s opinion or proven results. Thanks


As far as I can tell, the rewards are the same no matter how far away you are.

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One of the mods already confirmed that the rewards do not change based on your distance to the tower.
I just did the epic tower today from 140 m and got 240 Sino and 170 Rex

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There you go

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Hasn’t affected our three teams. I have always got full rewards from a distance. Only thing it affects for me is the drops and chests. Haven’t tried todays yet.


True. I keep getting diplo and koola from any distance…


Thank you all! I appreciate the feedback


Definitely doesn’t affect it

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