Tower‘s been replaced


a blue tower stood right next to the golden tower. When I made the epic strike, I wanted to battle the blue one only to see that is disappeared and instead there stood a finished scent tower.

Luckily, I recorded the epic battle and I could make a screenshot.

Ludia can you fix it plz? :slight_smile:
Anyone else had this problem?


Hi ya yes I was battling the blue tower and it turned into a white one

No they‘re not. Look closely they‘re just made from different perspectives.

See that street behind the blue tower looking like a hook? It‘s on the second picture behind the white tower.

Same area different angles… you can see that same wierd curved road next to the strike in both pictures.

Yeah the one street there doesn‘t exist anymore and the hook is a small path between some houses lol.

So? What should I do? Will Ludia see it here or do I have to contact them?

I experinced the same thing today, usually the map changed once a day or so, I think 10.00 AM EDT so at 4 PM here in Italy, but today I went to sleep with a green supply drop near my house and when I woke up it has changed into a blue strike tower.
I think it is resetting also when the daily missions time ran out, so 6 AM Italian time? :thinking: