Toxic meta

Can’t remember when was the last time I made a topic on this, but it is getting more frustrated and bored from time to time.
Too many overly boosted rats running in and out. I certainly don’t feel a win is deserved on the other side when losing to them solely because I don’t buy enough health boosts to grant my whole team the capability to survive rattings. What kind of game has it turned into?? And the forum, too. Money on the 1st rat defender opens his mouth with 1 of these: get good, get your own rat, suck it up or quit.
Feel free to opinionate though.
P.s. flagging posts won’t help you get away with what ought to come. Only shows you’re backing down.


I have to admit that for a long time I was ok with the rat even though I saw it as a negative wr all had dinos capable of 1 shotting it but everyone is health boosting it so much now its virtually impossible to eliminate it in 1 shot and the meta is suffering. I think it will see a nerf next update but the game is in a bad place


Me too. I sort of accepted that violating logic of this design from a long while back. And it wasn’t that much intolerable until I find out the coexistence of it and the boosts is to push everyone buy enough boosts on pumping up everything in health in a no brainer way just like the headbutt tactic itself.


Get Good Son!!! If you aint ratting you aint chatting!! WORD!! :sunglasses:


you know im kidding lol. the rat though is going to be tough to get rid of now… i bet 90% of the player base uses the cheap shotter… and if ludia gets rid of it, bye bye playerbase…most of the great dinos have lower health and will fall victom to it regardless what you boost it with… id say tolerate it untill things even out or… live to hate it. i have yet to use it in atenas and never will.


Nice try, but the procedure is best carried out in order like this:

  1. DC has great strategy involved,
  2. You ain’t no good to comment at it if you ain’t have one,
  3. DC has significant weakness that you fail to perceive,
  4. GIT GUT!!!

I won’t use it, I despise the rat and can’t for the life of me get my head around why Ludia came up with it in the first place.
Boosts merely made it even worse and now it’s the bane of the arena.
Surely a proper nerf is in order for it soon?




Or get a Thor and boost it across the board. It will one shot a rat

i prefer erlid. thor needs a tier or two higher to one shot these jumbo rats.

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I have accepted it as part of the game, use one myself, and have a variety of ways to make sure my opponent’s is only used once. It doesn’t bother me.


Let’s just say ludia won’t get a shred of expectation out of me anymore. But base on their tradition, I’d rather believe it will. Because it’s not a terminal superhybrid, though its stats can remain intact, it’s extensive line will always tend to outshine the former.

But when this thing is injected with steroid and deal 4k+ dmg each time it comes out, is it still cool??..

Counters are supposed to make dinos nearly useless when played right.

Counter is -Not- I killed a dino and am near dead so my opponents next dino can use me as set up fodder.

Two Legendaries: Indominus Rex and Alankylosaurus. Played with the right conditions the bird makes the Rex relatively useless. That’s a counter and no Indominus Rex doesn’t need defense shattering.

The Raptor meta died with superiority strike and Stegod. Battle metas need to die every few months to prevent people from being horribly silly and just picking their ponies and ignoring any game changes.

Take a look at some of the top 20 on the leaderboard. Let’s say Dracoceratops itself does not count and since it’s trendy the speed demon Erlidominus doesn’t either. How many dinos do you see without Defense Shattering?

It is time for the Defense Shatter is the way to go mindset to die out.

We have the little speed demon Erlidom.

Ludia, for the first time, gave a legendary hybrid (that wasn’t immediately used to fuse a unique) that it was possibly to bring to team level (for those that lived in the right local) the day the update released. Diplovenator needs a little attack and health buff though. Since people aren’t using her to counter all the complaints of Thor… Dracoceratops is here until a clear way to force people to leave the defense shatter meta comes out of the forum.

What else is the best way to Force, whether players like it or not, an end to the Defense Shatter meta?

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dude thats how you see this??? ok then. how about the low health dinos without defense shattering? how about just in the tourneys where the rat runs rampid?? this rat is strictly a cashcow…

youd be crazy to think that defense shattering is going anywhere…

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Mine does 4092 on swap in.

Facing a 160 utarinex boosted to high heaven that is faster than everything I have on my team? Yeah - DC is cool at that point.

When they have a Thor with 7000+ health and I only have one dino that is faster than it? Yeah - DC is cool at that point. Swap it in, let it die, bring in the one faster dino to finish.

When they have an erlidom that will take out your DC in one hit? Yeah - DC is cool at that point. Swap it in, leave their erlidom with a 1000 or less health and they will use up their rampage out of hatred for DC. Bring in something that will either then take out erlidom, or will make sure the dino the hit and run to will not survive the visit.

Many uses for DC. It’s very versatile - not to mention the mind game you can play when the opponent knows you have one.

EDIT: I’m just trying to say that for my game it is a useful tool that I have no problem with.


yeah!!! DC the easy solution!! go get you some…

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There’s a lot dinos that can outspeed and mop the floor with rinex’s face in even boost tier, equally viable and versatile.
A quickest thor will never outspeed a real speedster, let alone the latter usually is given distracting ability. They are thor’s kryptonites.
And erlidom will be signing the death warrant when it’s facing any armor force.
Boosting DC does make everything easier however it’s not the only way to win a battle. But it cause and trigger an arm race that makes everybody suffered. And that only make matter worse where this game has already been into.

In endgame matchup there’s hardly anything vs. anything else that one can leave another die doing little to no damage. But according to your point, DC is a counter to EVERYTHING. So… people can legit initiate a nerf call then

I hear you. And while that’s true, those dinos you speak of are ones I hate, the way you hate DC, so I don’t use them.

But I know where you’re coming from. It is what it is. I’m fine with differing opinions stated rationally and well. :slight_smile:

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