Toxic Quills need a nerf

Is a 1,5 attack, stun and bleed is the worse attack in the game. If the RNG isn’t in your favor cost the battle.
Nerf this attack

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How about no?


Is broken, it need nerf, no delay stun and bleed

Absolutely not! This move is fine as it is, it’s already a CD 3 and is one of the few moves with the longest cooldown. It’s a strong move correct, and that’s why it’s has a CD 3, it certainly does NOT need a nerf or a delay at all! Asking for a delay on it would ruin SR3.


Coldown 2 and not stun

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As @Average_Spinosaurid said, there isn’t any reason

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cooldown of 3 :moyai:

almost every nerf thread I see is whining about something the person cant beat

Use mrhino to counter toxic quills


3 cool down.

Players had been calling out for a decent Dino with dot that is relevant in the game, now someone wants it nerfed, no thank you bud.

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How about a strong, resounding, and definitive no? There are counters to it.

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While the move is definitely very strong I don’t think it needs a nerf, creatures with a lot of resistances can easily ignore the move, (ie magna, mrhino etc.) but creatures without many resistances really struggle

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This literally makes S.Rex 3 irrelevant. No good turn one and lack of proper stunning move? Scorp 3 drops from Low Tyrant to Elite Mid, maybe Elite High. No need to complain about one of the more balanced Tyrant Dinos. There are already enough “omg can’t beat this dino pls nerf!!!,” no need to add to the pile.


This is a perfect representation of this forums. Everyone calls broken what they can’t beat, not considering that they might be doing something wrong instead of the game being unfair (there are “nerf Indoraptor” posts, so nobody can deny this). Toxic Quills is nowhere near being broken.
How about instead of complaining about it, try to find something that can help against it? You’ll be surprised to see the good amount of things that laugh at Toxic Quills.


Strong move for sure but there are ways around it. High bleed resistant cunnings. Bonus points if they are immune to stun. Some resilients like smilonemys can play around it easily enough. The move is also a double edged sword. It can easily be wasted in the wrong situations or if rng just messes with you thst day.


The only acceptable nerf to TQ would be to change the damage multiplier from 1.5x to 1x. But I don’t think it’s necessary to nerf it, many creatures are good against scorpios gen 3 like magna

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It’s easily the best move in the game in my opinion, but I think if it were to get a nerf, make it a strike. It would still do what it wants to do. A delay would kill scorpius 3


It’s got a 3 turn delay. Seriously, no nerf needed

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Why would you want to nerf Toxic Quills? As others have mentioned you could instead work on getting Counters for it instead of complaining about it broken when really it is not. Neither Toxic Quills nor Scorpius Gen 3 require nerf.

And what of the 3 turn cooldown?


Seriousily another ppl calling a nerf because u cant defeat It Man srex3 is balanced and definitely doesnt need a nerf and toxic quills is fine its a strong move but with a long cooldown so yeah its definitely balanced and dont need any change