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Toxic Quills is searching for members.
We are an international alliance with around 40 members atm.
All members are from an old alliance that reached 9/8-10/9 and T8/9 (don’t have stats of the new alliance yet).
We offer:
• 3 lvl 20 sanctuaries
• Raid Support
• Common Creature Coinday (AKA Majunga Monday)
• Free cash links
• Thanks to the different time zones long Apex Days (from Tomorrowland to Yesterdayland )
We ask you:
• Must do at least 10 takedowns in tournaments
• Obey sanctuary rules
• Interested in doing RAIDS with the alliance
• Join our Discord channel (for raids and chat)
Send me DespicableMe81#7080 a pm if interested (Europe timezone) or VatoDeLeon#6646 (USA)

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What is the level of the tournament rewards of this clan.

And the Alliance Rewards too?

the aliance just started, i meant a group of veteran player made it and now has 40 members, u should contact them on discord to know more

I will talk to them in discord but later

Im gonna put VatodeLeon cause im in usa