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Toxic Spit / Toxic Bite


Certainly there must have been dinosaurs that may have had a poisonous bite. Toxic spit / Toxic bite would make an opponent’s dinosaur sick/weakened. It does no damage but would lower a dinosaur’s stats by a percentage until it was either cleansed, swapped out, or the effect wore off. Toxic Bite would be a larger percentage than Toxic Spit.

Possibly dinosaurs that are normally immune to other effects would not be immune to poisoning but other dinosaurs that also have the toxic abilities would be immune to the effects.


Dilo’s spit does reduced damage. We already have instant cripple. What kind of stats do you want to decrease? What stat matters other than damage?


It would affect all stats as the dinosaur would be sick/weakened; hit points, speed, attack, armor and crit would all be affected.

It’s not intended to make an opponent so low that they are instantly killable on the next attack but to affect the strategy they may have been planning/counting on requiring an adjustment.

Just as an example say Spit does a 10% reduction and Bite does 20% reduction;

For 2 (or 3) turns the opponent would be affected as such;

Fictitious Dinosaur:
Stats: Normal / Spit / Bite
Max HP: 2800 / 2520 / 2240
Speed: 118 / 107 / 95
Attk: 800 / 720 / 640
Armor: 10 / 9 / 8
Crit: 5 / 5 / 4

The Spit / Bite moves would have no delay but would have a higher cooldown of at least 2 but most likely 3.

It would also not change a player’s current hit points, only their max hit points; I.e. in the fictitious dinosaur mentioned above, if their current hit points were at 1800/2800 and they got hit with a toxic attack the max hp would go down but their current hit points would not be affected already being below the new max (1800/2520 and 1800/2240) The other side of that is if they use a heal/regenerate it cannot exceed the adjusted max HP while it’s in effect, any overhealing is lost.

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I think it’s an interesting name and interesting skill, but i would focus on some stats maybe two, like damage and speed


Well, we already have mechanics that debuff, slow, and armor peircing so I don’t see the point. Also, why lower max hps that will just come back after debuff is gone. I’d rather do damage. These matches don’t last long enough for these debuffs. Switch out and cleanse would make your dino pointless. Also, death is the best debuff.


Actually Immune dinos should be immune to “toxic spit/bite”.
Dinosaurs, a long with other animals develop immunity to diseases and in this case: sickness.
I dont see how it gets past immunity.


Because it’s a game and not real. Dinosaurs don’t really pop up shields (it’s a visual aid for the player) but for simplicity sake a shield mechanic is used instead of say a 100% Avoidance move or an Avoidance move that reduces damage by 50%. Since it is debuffable with Shield breaker that would need a different name/description like Unavoidable but it would also need a description why the Avoidance move was cancelled. But then attacks like Stun and Bleed shouldn’t work if a dinosaur completely Avoided an attack because they never got hit unless those attacks were also described as an unavoidable move. Shields are just easier visually and descriptively.

Should anything be immune to the bleeding effects of a gashing wound? Should a dinosaur with a 100% shield still get hit with a bleed effect or be stunned since they didn’t get hit? Maybe shields should reduce the chance of a Stun attack hitting or reduce the amount of damage a bleed effect does because it wasn’t a full hit or a complete miss. I’m pretty sure a Queen fighting/attacking on a battlefield was not nearly as powerful as a Queen on a chessboard is depicted. Whether based on reality or not, all abilities/moves have set rules so that everybody playing knows what to expect from those abilities/moves and everybody is playing with the same set. Visually it would be boring but we could play the game with different colored marbles as long as we know what abilities/moves each color marble has. The pieces are basically just identifiers to let us know if the piece is still in play and what abilities/moves it can use. We attach abilities/moves to the dinosaurs based on their appearance and what little we know about them because the moves have a little bit of logical sense that makes it easier for a player when they see the opponent to know what they are up against.

Although dinosaurs really did exist, we theorize about their appearance and behavior based on their remains and how animals that are in existence today appear and behave. Stories, movies and games about them are fantasy/entertainment which allows us to bend the rules. We know the velociraptor is actually a small dinosaur only a couple feet tall and Crichton (author of Jurassic Park) knew that but Velociraptor sounded cooler and more terrifying than other raptors that are actually like the raptors in the stories/movies. So he used the name velociraptor and then dna coding was used to explain their unusual size.

There are many things in the game that don’t relate to anything real which is fine because in the end it is just a game for us to play and the dinosaurs are just the pieces on the board.

Sorry, I’ve gotten too long winded again.


Damage would be done to a fully healthed dinosaur as their health would be lowered to the adjusted max HP but when their max HP go back up a couple turns later that health is not returned. So the HP effect doesn’t really do anything to a dinosaur that is already lower in health but would affect a dinosaur using heal/regenerate abilities while they are afflicted. Cleanse is only available to a handful of dinosaurs and just as in most cases you wouldn’t use a Bleed mechanic against a player that can cleanse it you wouldn’t use a toxic ability against them either. Forcing a player to swap out is not pointless either because unless it’s a dinosaur that has a hit and run ability or they swap with a dinosaur that has a swap in ability the opponent gives up an attack when they choose to Swap out their afflicted dinosaur. The Toxic attack is not the only move a dinosaur would have and it would have other damaging attacks. It’s also not a move that is meant to be effective strategy against every dinosaur or that cannot be countered.

It would be a terrible move if it also did a Rampage attack, popped up a shield and pinned your opponent.

Also keep in mind that it is usually weaker animals that have toxic abilities so their hit points would be more on the low to mid range with no armor and very low crit chance.

Solid offense does not win every battle especially when defense can shut it down. I’ve lost many battles not due to the amount of damage an opponent does to me but because of their defense against the damage I could do to them. They did smaller amounts of damage to me each turn but would still win due to their ability to stay alive longer. But many times it’s the balance between offensive and defensive abilities that affects how I do in a battle. The thing that costs me the most battles is the chance mechanics when they are consistently in favor for my opponent while being practically non-existent for me… but I’ve also been on the other side of that coin.