Tracking Ability


I would like to see some kind of tracking that could be implemented. Why tracking? To find those hidden unseen dinosaurs you want, the ones that show up only when you walk close enough to them.

Make it a skill. You start out only being able to track global common spawns, then local common spawns, then global rares, then local rares, then global epics and then local epics.

This is how it would work. You will see a list of dinosaurs your able to track. You have to already have them. Select the dino. Hit track and if it is within the set distance in meters, it will just show on your screen how far you are from it. You start walking and watch the screen distance. Work at walking closer until you find it. The dino has to be in your small circle (25M) or you will not get credit. After darting it, you gain tracking experience.

There are 6 levels. Each level takes double the experience. Rares give more exp than commons and epics more exp than rares. You get double experience for distance walked from your starting point to the target but only if your speed is calculated to be under the game speed limit.

Each level adds more distance to your tracking. This is an example. Level 1-200M, 2-300M, 3-400M, 4-500M, 5-600M and 6-700M.

You lose your tracking if the dinosaur de-spawns.


That is so complicated. Simplify it way further and maybe it could be a possibility.


I used to play PoGo years ago, is this something like the footprints there are in that game? Are there still in in PoGo?

I always think about spoofers, so yes this can be a good thing to have here in JWA but also in this case I would suggest to put a cap (I don’t know, 30 minutes hunting per day) so that people can’t take unfair benefit on this.


You can just remember where you walked when a dinosaur appeared. There are also apps to make notes on maps as you walk. Tracking is an actual skill currently.