Tracking D N A donations

Is there any thought or consideration to being able to track who donated what?

Even if it isn’t dinosaur specific… just Common , and Rare donated
In total would be good to see who in your alliance is helping everyone… and who hasn’t donated anything at all.

Some may not have time to play much and or honestly don’t have d n a to spare to donate…

But I’m also sure there are others that ask for donations all the time and don’t donate one tidbit back.


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It would be very helpful. As one of the (apparently) few players that couldn’t give a rat’s rear end about trophy counts (resulting in mine not changing that frequently), donating DNA to my fellow alliance members is the main way I can show my activity.

There’s a way to see who donated. Just click the little icon above the collect button

But that only applies to that one request. There are no running totals per member.