Tracking Station - Storing creatures


I’d love to have something I would call a “Tracking Station”. This is a place where you can “store” creatures. If you’re in a hurry, you can place a Tracker on a creature, which costs 200 coins. This way you can remotely catch a creature, with the same amount of battery. The Tracker works for 2 hours, to prevent people from tracking every single creature they come across. So if you are going out hunting you don’t have to catch the creature on the spot, you can just track them. This will also make the game a lot safer, but it won’t defeat the purpose of the game.

Tracking station
Tracking station

How do you ‘store’ dinosaurs, they built an island 100s of miles away from civilisation but still they managed to escape. We’re only extracting DNA not storing the creatures. I would definitely like a way to turn a supply drop into a ‘feeding station’ which attracts dinosaurs (a bit like lures in GoPoo).


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Then why didn’t you comment in that thread?


I’m up for any extra gameplay. Both ideas sound fun.

My similar idea is setting DNA syringe camera traps. You have to collect them next day or the DNA would become useless. You would get max dart DNA but just as usefully find out what spawned at what time in that spot. Probably they would do 8 darts each in the virtual world.

They’d probably sell them in the cash store. And they’d be reusable everyday.


Guys, do you want trackers or not?


With the long list of bug fixes, enhancements required on this game, I frankly doubt the company would be able to take this enhancement up.

As a workaround, I simply launch the dino when it is in range, lock my phone and then dart it later sometimes even hours later.


Yes, but this allows you to do that for multiple, and i do that too, but I want more than one.