Tracking the boosts

I like to chart my boosts down on paper to give me a better idea of what is lacking and what’s been wasted :weary: sooo much waste. Anybody else do something similar :joy::man_shrugging:t2: Might just be my OCD kicking in again.


We just need a feature like this in the game…


That would be asking too much. :joy:

I feel you man. But your totals on used boosts for the bench dinos are wrong. You actually spent 104H, 96A, 90S. You added an extra 30 on each.

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Oh cheers bud. Not as bad then :+1:t2: Clearly can’t do 3 x 3 :joy::joy:

Haha happens to everyone. I used boosts on Spinotasuchus and Erlidominus (lvl 21) but it was a waste because my team level is 28 at least and I just dont think erlidominus fits well on my team since I have tragodistis (lvl 30). I thought of replacing tragod for him and level erlidominus to around 24 hence the added boosts but tragod does well even in the current meta. I used 30H/2A/2S (tier 4/1/1) on erlidom.
My spino on the other hand got to tier 5/5/3. That’s 62H/62A/14S. Total of 92H/64A/16S tokens wasted. Sadly.
I really hope they implement a feature to reallocate boosts for hard cash or coins or even real money. Would come in handy.