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Trade DNA for coins

I farm coins from supply drops, play all the strike towers, trade as much DNA as I can with my alliance, and open incubators and still, I struggle to come up with enough coins. Higher level creatures require massive amounts of coins to level up, and doing my usual methods can take a long time to build up enough coins.

It would be awesome if there was an option to trade DNA for coins in the marketplace. I’d gladly trade the thousands of Gallimimus, Majunda, Apato etc. for some extra coins.

If anyone knows a better way to earn coins, please share it. I don’t like spending real money on this game, so buying hard cash and using it for coins is not an option for me.

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If you go to an alliance and someone requests DNA then you can give some to them which gives you coins.

Yes, I know. I wish more coins were given for DNA donation too. It would give players more incentive to donate more.