Trade DNA in our trade chat room 5pm pst 8pm eastern

Hello. It is about to be trade time in about 40 minutes.
Come jump in to the chat room and arrange trades with all the active traders.

If you are not cheap and you are willing to trade, your requests will get filled up very fast. Dinos that are not very sought after will get their requests filled in less than 5 minutes. Popular dinos could take 10-20 minutes but do get filled if you trade!

you have to temporarily join my alliance to be in the trade room. ask your alliance leaders for permission to visit the trade room for just a little while.

KillerRaptors alliance

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how does this work???

hello. you make a post on the discord room saying what DNA you are looking for. say some of the things you have to offer.
or message someone else who posted that themselves and ask them if they want to trade.
agree to press each other’s DNA donate buttons.
within my alliance. then leave the alliance when your request is filled.